★ 5 design tips for this beauty.

There are some tricks that will allow you to become the owner of a clean and beautiful skin. Today we reveal the secrets of skin care face and body!

Do you have sensitive skin? Wash with cold water, hot dry skin. Pay attention to the composition of its cream. If the vehicle less than ten ingredients, then it contains less antiseptic components that may irritate your skin.

Hardened skin on the feet? Take advantage of the useful properties of lemon! It will serve as an excellent exfoliant and moisturizer. Take half a lemon and rub the problem areas.

Urgent need to clean the nails? Degrease nails with alcohol and apply a base for paint. It dries in seconds, will hide the irregularities of the nail plate and give nails a soft pink hue.

Do not apply to Tonalka magnifying mirror: seeing all the defects and roughness of the skin, you can overdo it a bit. Apply the cream on problem areas in good light, and then shaded his fingers.

Do not try to do too thin eyebrows. They can make your face expressionless and add you a few years.


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