Fresh Breath easier to understand

Arta999 girl writes in his LiveJournal:
Yesterday my husband was drunk vdrabadan (went for a walk with his friend) came in the night, I began to go to sleep inertia grumble at him like "what for so drunk now stinks of stale" after which it rises silently goes to the toilet and then comes to thump bed in the morning I go to the toilet (toilet with shower) and there

fresh breath easier understanding :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I have been for a long time did not laugh, literally crying! half a day even at the sight of my husband I started cramping wild rzhacha

morning rose remembers nothing

pi ** pepper, any normal person would be well, most teeth cleaned (although I brushed my teeth once shampoo, confused) but to bite off a piece of deodorant is a complete pi ** pepper, I wonder what it tastes ... go try something too ...


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