Watch Christian Postma (Christiaan Postma). When the minutes are not important

Hours Dutch designer Christian Postma (Christiaan Postma) can be called a worthy gift to all fans of long and thoughtful contemplation.

Looking at the clock, you are witnessing the birth and death of every hour - it should be noted, is quite conventional unit (unless, of course, escape from earthly values ​​and move in their thinking in the plane of infinity). With their help, you can see how the chaos of "stagnation" is gradually appears word for the current time (or rather - hour), and how it gradually dissolves into the same verbal designation replaced by the next hour. You feel the thrill of the knowledge of the fact seemingly chaotic process in which the interaction of more than 150 clockworks. After all, they drive the metal bars that special way, alternating with the set designer prioritization folded into words - from "single" to "twelve».

For these hours, with no experience of acute or intuition, you will never determine the time to the nearest minute (and even more so - to the second). But the true contemplatives, and this is not necessary: ​​the main thing - full immersed in the process. After all, what is 15 minutes compared with eternity?


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