The truth about money and happiness.

Many of you have heard the axiom "money can not buy happiness." This is true, but the lack of money does not bring happiness. Some people become very rich, can not fully enjoy life. On the other hand, other people go through life with a minimum set of problems with money, simply because they are able to create everything that they have.
Ideally, you should create a balance between money and happiness. To help you in this, read the following tips:

1. Learn to appreciate the simplicity.
The purpose of life should not be to the greatest possible accumulation of possessions and wealth. We must learn to be content with what we have, appreciate the advantages of simplicity. For example, if we are free from unnecessary clutter, we will achieve a greater sense of freedom.
If you feel happy only in the presence of wealth, you are mistaken. Happiness is only available through a small amount of property. Our inner wealth is not only that we have, but also in the ability to live well without it.

2. Do not attach themselves to your money.
It hurts Do you spend your money, even if you buy something useful? Even Bill Gates, who is able to spend billions of dollars, says he always flies economy class, because they do not see the need to spend more money on first class. The problem is that if we are reluctant to spend money, we lose the sense of their earnings.
Good attitude to money is that you see them as a circulating flow - when you spend money, you allow to come into your life even more money. No need to create a dam in which you keep your money. You have to let the money be spent on useful and necessary things. Why do water reserves, if we use it for energy? Similarly, why do we need to create great savings if we pity to waste the money?

3. Minimize anxiety about money.
We can be happy if we learn to give money to a small part of your life, and think about money matters as little as possible. To do this, we need to avoid a situation of debt, because to get out of debt can be very difficult. Learn to live within our means, avoid impulsive overspending. If you need to get into debt, plan in advance and get a clear and managed to pay off the loan.
Try to avoid complex and risky investment plans, they provide an opportunity to get more, but also have the potential for loss is much more money. Financial planning should be simple and well balanced, which means that you save your nerves, and you will not care too much about the results of their investment. It is best to invest safely, so that you can forget about it and not think endlessly.

4. Avoid jealousy.
Do you still envy people who have more money than you? A recent survey showed that many people would prefer to have a salary above the national average. In addition, they chose a higher salary, but the higher salary would be below average. A surprising number of people are choosing to lower wages, while it is relatively higher than the rest of the population.
If other people are getting richer, that is no reason for complaint. If other people are thriving, it's good, then you have to go. Do not feel sorry for yourself because you can not maintain a high standard of living compared to other people.


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