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Support: I'm listening.

Client: Uh-uh-uh ... after some hesitation and doubts, I decided to install again, "Love." Could you help me?

Tech: Of course. If you're ready, we'll start right now.

Client: Well ... I do not know much about the process, but I think he is ready. Where to start?

Tech: First of all, open the "heart." You know where you "Heart»?

Customer: Yes, but is it possible to install the "Love" if other programs are included?

Teh: What programs are running?

Client: Uh-uh ... I have included "bygones be bygones," low self-esteem "and" Disappointment and Discouragement ».

Teh: With "bygones" should be no problem. "Love" is gradually unload them from memory, so they do not interfere with other programs, but keep them in a file tempo. "Love" as she gradually replace "low self esteem" with its own module "higher self-reports", however, you must delete yourself "Disappointment with despondency" completely, as they interfere with the installation «Love».

Customer: I do not know how to delete them. You can teach me?

Teh: Of course. Go to the Start menu and try to include "Forgiveness." Point and click as many times as necessary until fully erased "Disappointment with despondency».

Customer: OK, everything worked out. Thank you ... oh ... "Love" itself be installed beginning ... But it's okay?

Teh: Yes, but remember that you only have basic software. The final apgreyd provide "another heart".

Customer: Oops ... popped up a message "Error! The program does not work with the internal components. " What does this mean?

Teh: Do not worry. This means that the program "Love" is already working with external components, but not yet loaded into the "Your Heart." This is not a technical term that means that we must first love yourself.

Client: What do I do now?

Teh: Click on the "Samoodobrenie", and then turn on the following files: "self-forgiveness" and "awareness of their dignity," as well as "recognition of its faults».

Customer: OK, done.

Teh: Now copy it in the "My Heart" and the system will destroy itself incompatible files. However, you have to manually erase the "verbose self-criticism" from the menus, as well as empty the Trash. Make sure that the "verbose self-criticism" destroyed forever and never, under any circumstances, do not download this file.

Client: It worked! "My Heart" is filled with the new files! The monitor any "Smile" and "mental balance"! It always happens?

Tech: Not always ... Sometimes it takes a lot more time ... So, "Love" has been installed. Another detail: "Love": this free software. For normal operation, it is necessary to give to others, and in return they will give you their.

Client: Thank you!


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