Computer - benefit and harm to humans. Types of computer addiction.

Computer addiction - a disease of our time, primarily affecting persons teens and young adults. Despite the fact that computer addiction has nothing to do with infectious diseases, it is spread throughout the world at the speed of epidemics. The computer has a disease common to start gambling (Gamblers). According to the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, gambling, or Gamblers - a pathological gambling, which "is frequently repeated episodes of gambling that dominate the life of the subject, and leads to a reduction in social, occupational, material and family values , neglected responsibilities in this area. " Depending on the computer - it is an illness, which is formed gradually. The basis for the formation of a pathological addiction to the computer is a violation of psychological mechanisms of perception of the world, and information processing. Computer attracts people, it is a unique tool for processing and storing information. Working at a computer can be completely isolated from the human world around him. According to experts, from different types of computer addiction affects about 10% of users of personal computers and the Internet throughout the world. In some countries (eg, China, North Korea), the problem of computer addiction is under control of the government. There are two basic types of computer addiction: setegolizm - dependence on the Internet; kiberaddiktsiya - video game addiction. Setegolizm - dependence on the Internet, manifested infinite of human presence on the network (up to 12-14 hours a day). Setegolika Symptoms include: an increase in time spent online; the anticipation of the next session online; increase in the number of money spent online; compulsion to constantly check e-mail. Kiberaddiktsiya - video game addiction, which is divided into groups depending on the nature of a particular Role Playing computer games provide ultimate escape from reality. Nerolevye computer games cause a desire to achieve the goal - to beat the game, to get more points. Internet and people: the benefits and harms emergence of the World Wide Web gave the world the possibility of interactive communication. Online chat is most attractive for those people who suffer from self-doubt, but are eager to communicate. The Internet has expanded the horizon of opportunities to meet the information needs of man and the needs of communication. Video: Why they are dangerous and "tighten" children of the main group of fans of computer games are teenagers and young people. Video games every day becoming more and more attractive for people to: develop sound and video support, which creates for the people a sense of a different reality. Video games are very different in genre and content of these criteria depends on the risk of dependence. The least dangerous are the so-called arcade games, which tend to have simple graphics and sound. People play arcade games more often in order to "kill time." In another case with role-playing games, during which the player managed to literally transforms them hero and completely immersed in the virtual world of the game. These games can in a short time be addictive and lead to maladjustment and violations in the area of ​​mental states. Typically, developers create their role-playing games with the expectation of children and adolescents. Since primary school age child's mind is characterized by instability and most susceptible to addiction in a systematic influence on her, then there is a risk that there is a change in the child's main type of activity and develop computer addiction: the game will replace the study. Under the influence of electronic games children can form addictive behavior, characterized by the desire to move away from the real world by changing his mental state. Carried away by the computer and video games, the child is not engaged in solving important and urgent problems, he stops in personal development. Further enhances the computer-dependence of the online game: player creates a character to play with real people, which he can not identify for the made-up images.

The attractive to the child computer world?
It was established that a computer addiction are more likely children who are faced with conflicts in the family and at school, not committed any serious hobby. Children perceive their progress in games like assertiveness, thereby compensating for the painful part of the real world. The virtual world of computer games allows children and teenagers to pull away, to abstract from the problems that they face in the real world. Computer World draws: the presence of his own world, who do not have access to others; the opportunity to make their own decisions; lack of accountability - the anonymity and the inability to validate the information provided by users on the Internet; Realism has happened in the game process; complete abstraction from the surrounding world; the opportunity to correct the error through repeated attempts. How to recognize a computer Computer dependence disease has the following symptoms: loss of control over time spent on the computer; good mood when working at the computer; irritable or withdrawn behavior, if you change the (shortened) length of stay at the computer; mixed feelings of joy and guilt during the game on the computer; loss of interest in social life; indifference to his own appearance; neglect of household chores in favor of spending time on the computer; neglect of personal hygiene and sleep in favor of the computer; refusal to communicate with friends; nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The effects of computer addiction
In severe computer addiction child marginalized: he was not friendly, closed, no desire to communicate with svertsnikami and adults. Against the background of deepening social exclusion and in the virtual world can appear increased aggression and antisocial behavior. Individuals suffering from computer addiction, develop following physical abnormalities: decreased immunity, insomnia, fatigue, blurred vision, back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist pain).

How not to fall into slavery, laptops and tablets?
The main measure of prevention of computer addiction in children and adolescents is a proper upbringing: it is not necessary to ban certain games you need to explain to them why a particular activity is not desirable and harmful. Psychologists recommend limiting children's access to games and movies in which the plot is based on violence. If the child is already familiar with such games and movies, it should explain why this information is dangerous for him. Remember that the ban is a desire, and unjustified ban - even more so. Arguments For children in the form available to them, why you should not spend all their time on the computer. In order to prevent the development of children's attachment to the computer, you need to diversify the range of their interests and activities: Help your child choose a hobby, not connected with the computer when it is not necessary to limit or dictate the choice. If the child likes to draw, let him fulfill your potential, and do not impose hobby gymnastics.

Treatment for computer dependence
Treatment of computer addiction is conducted by several specialists from various fields of medicine. Psychologists and psychotherapists carried out psychotherapy, social rehabilitation of the patient. Psychotherapy - the main method of treatment of various types of addictions, which is intended to the exclusion of psychological conflict. The elimination of the physical symptoms of computer addiction, including the incorrect posture, visual disturbances, a syndrome of "dry eye", carpal syndrome, syndrome display, engaged therapists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists and other specialists. In the treatment of computer addiction are different groups of drugs. In the case of the victim's computer, depending on the symptoms of depression, he was prescribed a course of treatment with antidepressants in the presence of excessive nervousness and excitement - sedatives - anxiolytics. For people suffering from addiction to computers, useful preparations containing vitamins A, E and selenium. Comprehensive treatment of computer dependence includes vitamins and minerals.


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