Bloodsucker Chupacabra. Strange things began to happen in the middle of the 20th century in the Americas: animal attacked a real plague. Thousands of cats, dogs, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, ducks and geese, were found lifeless with the same signs of violent death ...
The study showed corpses, dug his teeth into the neck to the right and through the lower jaw penetrated directly into the brain, the cerebellum, causing instant death. Such remarkable knowledge of anatomy, as well as the correct form (lesions located in a triangle), suggesting an unusually high intellectual abilities maniac.
Particularly sentimental scholars even hinted at his humanity - because the victim died without pain - and compared his actions to euthanasia (so-called actions of the doctor, the terminally ill are sacrificed to save him from the torment).
In some villages, the unknown killer destroyed almost all the domestic animals and has become a chosen people.
Eyewitnesses claim that the five-foot creature goes to the rear cap and is a bit like a reptile or dinosaur. On his feet he has only three toes, so that traces remain after the chicken, only much larger and with the recesses of the claws. On the face clearly visible features of a baboon, and huge red eyes hair's breadth, such as that depicted in the pictures of aliens.
Now the hype died down, but something remained Chupacabra ... All versions put forward by scientists crashed ...
However, this amazing creature skeletons occasionally find in our days ...


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