MechRC: new entertainment humanoid robot

The regiment arrived miniature entertainment robots. English MechRC able to walk, dance, show techniques of karate, tumble. In general, on a plan of its creator, the novelty should not give its owner no reason to get bored or become despondent.

"We can already say with certainty that the end of the next decade it will be possible to observe the robot in every home," - said the developer MechRC Dr. Jim Vyat. "The technology that we have seen in movies like" Star Wars "," short circuit "and" Transformers "are available today, but it does not mean that robots will do similar work. Despite the fact that many manufacturers of home robots charged with the maintenance of their owners, as well as the improvement of their life in the future they will be used primarily as a "companion", accompanied, for example, the elderly and children. "< br />
Vyat MechRC developed for the purpose of entertainment of its owner. In memory of the robot has recorded more than a hundred different teams, each of which is a separate sequence of movements, whether karate technique, or the same dance step. This diversity is obliged robot located in it 17 servos. On a single charge the lithium-polymer battery MechRC must have worked at least one hour is in continuous activity.

The new robot, but is not limited to only initially sewn in memory of movements. If desired, the user can come up with new sequences and modify existing ones using the supplied software MechRC Commander. This program allows you to create new movements by simply dragging and dropping various poses on the "animation film" forming their sequence. Then it is assigned to one of the buttons on the remote control, shaped like a joystick for game consoles, and may subsequently be performed by pressing it. In the future, users will be able to freely exchange MechRC own to create a movement among themselves.

It is also worth noting that the new robot capable of outputting audio to the built-in speaker, so it can not only move, but "talk" and "sing." New sounds and melodies are loaded into memory by the same robot MechRC Commander.

Jim Vyat also provided enough opportunities for further experiments with MechRC. So, the motherboard with all electronics allows, thanks to the universal connector, connect freely to her new peripherals, and design of the robot is made of modular, so it is possible to add additional servo and various mechanical components.

The novelty is already available for pre-order at the store I Want One of Those at the price of 399 pounds. Sales MechRC should start next month.


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