Evidence that cats are better than men

1. CAT never late for dinner

2. CATS always interested snuggle next

3. If your cat much spree, it can be neutered

4. The cat knows what to do, without pausing for questions and guidance

5. The cat does not go to enjoy a smoke with other cats

6. If your cat paused, you do not happen to a sleepless night from this

7. If you are delayed, the cat will not interrogate you about the reasons for all the next day

8. The cat loves it when your mom comes to visit for the weekend

9. Cat does not bother how much time you spend in the bathroom or on the phone

10. The cat does not need to know how many cats you have had before him

11. Cats are easily trained

12. Cats love to see what came out of the store with a bunch of packages


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