Ten of the most curious layoffs

10th place: A certain workers laid off by the Japanese concern "Matsushita Denki", submitted by the company to court and won. The court ordered the company to restore it at work. Outwardly, everything ended decently working restored, he began to pay more and even identified a separate room. However, work to resign a month later: he was not allowed to do anything, he just had to sit all day at work. From this, he had a nervous breakdown.

9th place: It is known that in Soviet times during the reading of official reports in any case could not be mistaken. The case was dismissed when the announcer mixed up in the phrase "Young Leninists" just one letter. It turned out very funny, "Young sloths».

8th place: Just over an obscene act of one of the schools of Los Angeles was dismissed teacher Tracy Niderkir. Tracey itself states that it has made since the existing textbooks were not enough to explain the new material. She taught anatomy, and undressed in front of the class because she could not explain some features of the skeleton of the female anatomy.

7th place: The sudden decline in 1982-83 prices of coconut oil in Thailand led to the fact that thousands of workers were laid off, pluck nuts with tall palm trees. However, it did not cause an increase in unemployment in the country: workers pluck nuts with tall palm trees were monkeys.

6th place: But the wording of the reasons for the dismissal of Napoleon, the French Minister of the Interior of the great Laplace "fired for making the theory of infinitesimal quantities in public policy».

5th place: In 1826, for the publication of a short article, which was launched a physical law, a school teacher from Cologne fired from his job at the personal prescription Minister of Education. The Minister was convinced that the "application of mathematics in classical physics - an unacceptable heresy." Surname teacher was ohms, and the law that bears his name is now remembered every student.

4th place: In the factories of Henry Ford (in general, rightly) dismissed anyone who smelled of beer, wine or a strong drink.

3rd place: In times of toys Tamagotchi craze incredible amount of employees are literally all over the world have been dismissed for failure to comply with the working routine. Especially sad that later, faced with growing like a snowball dismissal Tamagotchi, some companies simply introduced an additional 15-minute break. Tamagotchi has gone out of fashion, and breaks left.

2nd place: At dismissal served in auxiliary units of soldiers in ancient Rome they were given two bronze plaques, which indicates the data about their service, participation in battles, etc. These plates served as the basis for the granting of privileges, including Roman citizenship. They call these signs diplomas.

1st place: In December 2001, the Department of Education Wales has dismissed one of the teachers of junior classes only for what she said in class six-year students the truth. Frustrated children came home in tears, which led to complaints of parents to the teacher, so rudely wandered with the children. The truth was that Santa Claus does not exist.


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