How to sleep in the office (9 photos)

Detailed instructions how to sleep at your desk so that you no one had lit.

The easiest way - to pretend that you are tying shoelaces. The main thing - do not fall

If you have a closet - climb up there. On the table, you can leave a note that he left for lunch.
Before you get into the closet - check, then someone else took that advice.

Use the folder as a stand - you're just a little tired, not sleeping. Take folder thicker.

Drawn eyes on century - a measure troublesome, but you can sleep for a long time - no one will notice. The main thing - do not snore.
If the boss always goes next - you can go to sleep in the toilet

The first method is to sleep in the toilet - sit back, Abut foot in the door (so that no one prevented) and sleep


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