I bought my mother a conic

The situation with little zhirafihoy of Kristiansand is not improving - or Mommy's teat or milk from a bottle, she does not want to take, not knowing at all what was expected of her wish. Zhirafihu already resettled from the mother and the zoo asked for help from other zoos in the world and the readers of the Norwegian newspapers - the experience of how to teach the baby sucking the nipple from experts in Kristiansand there.

Readers flooded zoo boards of various kinds - from proposals to smear the nipple before feeding honey to action movies with the process of feeding on a large flat screen (the Chinese example - there is thus initiate pandas to mate). Nothing does not help the newborn artificially fed and inject intravenously. Among other zoos urged to be patient and wait - once a newborn giraffe began to take food after 34 days. In Kristiansand I hope that they have it happen a little earlier.


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