Stuck on the Internet? We can help!

To properly exit from the Internet, you must carefully carry out a sequence of actions:

1. Close all open pages and stop the implementation of the Internet program.
2. In accordance with established procedure log off the operating system of your computer.
3. Turn off the computer, monitor, printer, and your modem.
4. Through several steps to restore contact with the outside world:

Step one. Open the window and breathe in fresh air. Attention! Contrast and brightness you will not be able to adjust, and can not influence the volume of the sounds! Take things as they are. The noise is not modeled, and transferred to the live broadcast («live»)!

Step Two. Take a few steps across the room. What is moving under you - only your feet; Do not be afraid, everything is going well!

Step Three. Look around, there is not anybody else moving around you. Try to go up to him and just talk. Keyboard is not required! Do you have responded? If so, be very careful, you are not on the forum and in the chat. Think before you say anything: Now any insult can cause injury to you !!!

Step Four. Try to take some food. To do this, please open the door all the cabinets. If, after opening the door the lights came on, then you have found the refrigerator. Take a look inside to see if there is anything edible? Before you consume something to eat, please, please, focus on the product's shelf life.

Step Five. Now get out of the house, with a view to filling the enclosure within which the light is lit (a process known as "go shopping"). Attention! Ksli you all seem unfamiliar, refer to someone for help, accompanied you to the "grocery store". Look around: all the cars present, cross the street to be when it actually is empty. As incredible as it may sound to you, now you have only one life instead of seven screen names! New start of the game impossible. Also it is not possible to find a dealer reducing healing drink.

Step Six. If on the way back you will run towards small children, repeating the exclamation: "Daddy, Daddy! "Or" Mama, Mama "!, they may be your own children. Yes, the little robbers were your memories much smaller ... But do not worry, you need only remember their names, and you to them again quickly get used.

Step Seven. When you're back home, Sit comfortably in a chair, but in any case not in the chair that stands in front of your computer !!! That's wonderful, you're almost on the right. Now try to read a few pages from the book. Books - these are thick heavy objects that can be opened. Some have even beautiful colorful pictures. Well, you notice that when reading in your skull (up there) earn something? This is called "thought" they come to you in the reading process. And another thing: do not try to click your finger in the corner of the page when you read it to the end: Media was yesterday, and now you need to manually flipping book.

More than ten pages to read in a row to start should not be! Put the book down, but not far. Now refer to the wife (husband), that is, the person who shakes his head in the corner. Reassure her (him), that you have all right, and you want to correct. In the early days you would not believe it, but you still hold on! Immediately sell your modem and instead buy an aquarium. It functions like a screen saver on the display of your monitor. However, this will be the first visible sign of improvement for you!


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