That smoking in the traffic police in Ulyanovsk? (5 pictures + text)

The original initiative shown by the traffic police of the Ulyanovsk region - on the order of local confectioners released candy called "dear children." According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", the labels are placed road signs, and printed on the back of the puzzle for the SDA. Thus traffic inspectors intend to promote safe road behavior among children and adults.

I do not know, how about safe behavior, and geeks these chocolates can be detected accurately. The author of "The Da Vinci Code" should be drown from envy to the writer of these puzzles.

We read about the wonderful puzzles under the cut!

 - In the triangle cow on guys looking sternly. What is this beauty?

 - This is the "Transhumance»!

I'll tell you how honest girl: I looked at the sign, usually just think "Cow!" It is assumed that a small child will now be thinking, "Oh, yes there transhumance!»?

More - more. I pull out wide leg ... ©

 - The X in wide trousers standing there, legs apart.
Remember the rhyme to the word "dumping"! Well, of course, is ...

 - "Camping"!

On, baby, candy and remember the rhyme to the familiar to you the word "dumping". And at the same time to the "brokering", "restructuring" and "long-term loan." And by the way, you greetings from Scully and Mulder:

Of the machine hangs alien spaceship.
And he kidnaps rays motorist.

("Car Wash»)

I do not know who wrote these puzzles there. But he had to go to the traffic police, and hudozhku, paint type "Dream, inspired by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, a moment before waking up." Well I now shower head in the bathroom be afraid!

And now a mystery worthy of the said "The Da Vinci Code».

Number two turned to the letters T and O. Soft sign overturned.
What does that mean?

("Movement without stopping is prohibited»)


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