Roofs of Nepal (22 photos)

If the New York roofs often serve as a platform for gourmet entertainment: someone there garden, someone is engaged in art, someone bred pigeons. It is quite clear way of expression for zamorochennyh office work white collar with Wall Street. In Nepal free area is used in the case. There, on the second and higher levels, hung colorful flags, raising flowers, dried linen and rice, sunbathing, pray, tourists are treated to coffee. Hot water tap is not. Solution in simple black tanks here and there standing in the hot sun on the attic.

The city has experienced the strongest earthquake, more than eight on the Richter scale, in nineteen thirty-fourth year. More than three hundred thousand homes were damaged or destroyed, sixteen thousand people were killed. The capital is still reeling from losses in the old part of the city can often see crooked wall cracks. Demolish and build anew very expensive. Whatever it was, the population is growing, growing and the city. Especially its central part. Residents of increasing floors on the roofs of old buildings.


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