How to make the most expensive coffee in the world (10 photos)

Canadian researcher Massimo Marcone wondered whether it is possible to reproduce the effect that makes Kopi Luwak the most expensive coffee in the world. The fact is that the beans are roasted to pass through the stomach carnivorous mammal. A kilo of this coffee costs about $ 1 thousand.

Kopi Luwak is produced in Indonesia - less than 230 kg per year. And involved in this process civet (or civet), they eat beans and isolated from glands odorous secret - civet. It is believed that the passage through the digestive system coffee civet gives Kopi Luwak unique taste and aroma.

However, Marcone decided to try them again, and went to Ethiopia, where there is a coffee and civet. There he had to make coffee from beans that he personally collected in the feces civets, drink it compare to the Kopi Luwak. In both cases, he found that "digestive" effect of animals breaks down proteins in the beans into smaller molecules, some proteins were leached out of the beans completely, making the coffee less bitter.

It turned out that Kopi Luwak is not so easy to copy, because the Indonesian civets finish with proteins much better their African colleagues. It was also found that the slow passage through the bean bacteria and enzymes in the intestines of animals is like fermentation, there are even used the same agents - sour milk bacteria.

Marcone sure could simulate the whole process without the participation of civets, but believes that it is not worth it: "Even if we do it, and even then will not be able to boast that we have - the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world." Moreover, the researcher, recognizing differences Kopi Luwak, does not think that he is better than other coffees.


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