Abandoned school. Detroit (12 photos)

In the 50-ies of XX century Detroit remained the capital of the US automotive, at that time, advances to state level program cheap and public vehicles. Detroit focused largest automobile plants in the country (Ford, General Motors, Chrysler), and the city experienced a boom in its development - it literally flourished, becoming one of the richest cities in North America. Since automobile factories needed workers, and racial discrimination has weakened, black people continued to grow rapidly. Demographically, the white population of the city was already beginning to wane, and the trend is increasing every year, in fact, for a couple of decades, making Detroit "city black».

By the beginning of the XXI century in Detroit, the white population is about 10 percent, and concentrated live in the southern part of the city, with most of the - in the suburbs. There, in the south of Detroit yet preserved business areas, but most of the city looks very badly. Crime is at a very high level. Even in the center, just turning on the wrong street, you may well run the risk of being robbed. Most skyscrapers empty, once the richest theaters destroyed, luxury housing is cast. A few years ago began a slow recovery of the city, but the rate is still very low.


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