Medicines awarded Chinese woman abundant hairiness (3 photos)

The young 16-year-old Chinese girl Nana suffers from a rare disease called hirsutism - excess hair growth in women by male pattern.
But she was not afraid to show themselves to the world.

For any girl teenage years are the most difficult but also the most memorable, and fun in life. For 16-year-old Nana, these years have been a nightmare. The body and face of the girl after the treatment of the disease of the hematopoietic system began to grow hair. She is forced to spend most of his time alone, hiding in his room.

She still agreed to show reporters his face, on which grew a real beard. The reason for this anomaly - a rare condition called hirsutism.

& quot; The doctor said that this is very serious and without treatment will die Nana & quot ;, - says her mother.

In 2010, she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of aplastic anemia, bone marrow - a disease where the body does not produce enough blood cells.

To cure the girl, her doctor prescribed a loading dose of medicines after taking which has improved the health of women, but later became apparent side effects. Nana began to actively grow hair not only on the hands and feet, and on her face.

To date, there are several treatment options for this rare disease.

One of them - does not cure the disease itself, and involves sessions with a psychologist who help patients with hirsutism accept their illness and learn to live with it.

Another method involves various procedures involving the removal of hair, permanent medication compliance and rigid diet.

According to the University of Maryland, about eight percent of women in the US suffer from hirsutism.

About half of women with diabetes, the body increased levels of androgen, the male sex hormone, which greatly increases their chance of developing hirsutism. Relative risk factors also act as race and ethnicity.

Because of his illness, the girl was forced to drop out of school in 2010.

& quot; Every day she was crying, wanting to go to school, "- said upset, but do not lose hope, mother of Nana. The woman describes her daughter as "a sociable and active," the girl, but her condition every day more and more turns it into a recluse.

Girl forced to wear pants and jackets with long sleeves, and staying at home - hiding his face behind a mask. The disease has deprived Nana friends and their time spent in poor girl alone, where it is the only salvation was the book.

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