Orange candy.


1 orange
200g sahara4 cloves
5g of gelatin
200g dark chocolate
100ml cream (20-22%)
150g mindalya20ml cognac
100g caster sugar
Cut the orange zest in a thin layer, so as not to hit the white substrate. Fill it with cold water and leave overnight. The next day, drain the water, peel grind in the mill, pour a glass of water and put fire on the peaceful 30min.
Cooked until crisp, clear orange, cloves free from transparencies and the resulting pulp mash blender. In a saucepan with the juice and peel pour a glass of sugar. Place the cloves and a little fire for another 20 minutes.
Soak half a tablespoon of gelatin in two or three tablespoons of water. After 10 minutes on low heat, melt and mix with the jam. For truffle mass, melt 100g chocolate in a water bath and mix with cream.
For almond marzipan fill with boiling water and leave it for two or three minutes. Clean the top of the shell. 10 nuts aside, the rest of grind in the mill, add one tablespoon of brandy and cream. Sift powdered sugar and knead the almond paste.
Deferred chop nuts and fry in a pan until light golden brown. On parchment paper, lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll the marzipan. Shape it into a rectangle half a centimeter thick. Evenly sprinkle with nuts.
Marmalade can be spread when it is quite firmly, but would be more fluid. A layer of half a centimeter thick marmalade too.
Top with truffle. If he could harden lightly podtopit it in a water bath, and mix well. And half a centimeter too truffles. Three-layer structure in the refrigerator to remove the complete hardening and cooling. Minutes 10.
In high capacity pour very hot water (hot water can be), prepare a paper napkin. Before each cut knife dipped in a hot water to thoroughly warmed metal, wipe dry with a cloth and gently cut the candy blank.
Melt 100g of chocolate in a water bath cover them candy.


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