Caught in full (14 photos)

Taking his older brother the keys to the car, the teenager with friends could not go far.

This afternoon Orsk five teens decided to ride on someone else's machine. One of them took her brother sneaked keys. Himself VAZ-2110 was taken from one of the sites in the forefront.

But young adventurers could not go far. Not far from the city police department - at the crossroads of streets and alleys of the Lenin Komsomol Quarterly - unlucky motorists involved in an accident, faced with a car «Sobol».

The impressions received friends, apparently, was not enough. They decided to escape from the scene, turning the car and drove to the pedestrian sidewalk. Further picture resembled a scene from the film: people rushing past the car and fleeing from him pedestrians ...

And yet, to escape from the law enforcement fugitives could not. They blocked the road police car. Violators were detained. Behind the wheel "tens", by the way, turned out to be the younger brother of the owner of the machine - a teenager born in 1994.


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