How to protect yourself in this cruel world?

How to protect yourself in this cruel world, if for self-defense, the judge sentenced to 29 years ?!
He rode his subway boy in T-shirt Londsdeyl, nobody touched. And then the whole anti-fascist mob sits in the car. What happened next -zasnyali camera carriage and the platform: Spanish newspapers then wrote pitiful:
The activists painted anti-fascist organization on Tuesday in Madrid the water fountains in the color of blood in memory of the recently murdered 17-year-old boy. "The water in the 19 most famous fountains of the capital, including the" Neptuno "and" Cibeles "we will turn red in memory of our friend Carlos Palomino, who stabbed a soldier-neo-fascist" .Predstavitel Anti-Fascist Committee, which organized the protest, said at the condition of anonymity, that "it is also about the protests against the impunity enjoyed by the ultra-right in today's Spain." "We want to put a ban on fascist groups who openly advocate violence, racism and xenophobia».
Although, clearly visible on the video to someone who is stuck, and someone in the car first began to "preach violence." Man called Josu Estbanez de las Heras, he is a soldier. Spanish prosecutor has requested for pure self-defense - 29 years! Despite the fact that not all blind Viewers of the video, it is clear that the guy came to score!


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