What were the tape (20 photos)

Surely everyone lying around that - something like this! Ancestral Heritage!
It sechas we even phone music more than ever before in the whole city! And then, have any of the representations considered luxury vehicles!

Romantic 306.
Cassette early 80s. Tape it was very reliable and extremely loud. Most of all, it is remarkable military design. See for yourself - it is more like a harsh, military radio.

Reel tape recorder early 70's. All models of the line tape "Yauza" were very popular. At the time, it was even released a collection of songs with touching the PCB called "Tape System Yauza". It was on this tape in our country, then listened to the songs of Galich, Vysotsky and Okudzhava.

This tape the second half of the 60 runs on batteries and was portable. At the time - the only way to take music with you to the cottage or in the woods. Batteries will last just 4 hours, so you had to take a spare set.

Just admire the old TV.

This unit was manufactured in the city of Murom in the late 70s and falls on the end of an era tube radiograms. (Just in case, I will explain this radiogram receiver with the player). By then it was extended stereo equipment, but "Cantata" somehow mono. In those days, many of the houses were like. "Cantata" catching gourmet shortwave stations. Curiously, the receivers of those years and took the VHF, but almost anything in this range was not.

Luxury radiogram late 60s. I produced it, as you can guess, in Estonia, and how it baltic this unit was very good in quality and design. Radiola was mono, but the sound was excellent at the same time. A few years later came the stereo equipment and "Estonia-4" was not relevant. It is interesting that, compared with the "Cantata" (See above.) "Estonia" significant gains, although produced 10th anniversary earlier.

Riga 6.
Receiver '54. The number "6" in the name means that the unit 6 lamps. Also produces "Riga 4" and "10 Riga". The number of lamps indicates the quality of the device - the more light, the better the receiver. (By the way, later wrote to the receiver the number of transistors and diodes, even). The "Riga 6" interesting design - the handle removed from the front, and, say, a facade reminiscent of the human Mordashov.

Record - 61.
"61" is the year of issue. Very popular in those days radiogram. Many Soviet citizens at home was this kind of technology, which listened to records of the company «Melody».

And this is a very serious thing. German receiver in 1938. It is through the dynamics of the device German propaganda talked about racial hygiene and the power of the German people. But in the end ... this thing as a war trophy has found shelter in the city of Obninsk. The receiver that cost 318 Reichsmark, and the average salary of the German working sostavyala total of 100 marks. Volkswagen Beetle car cost 1,000 marks. Ogogo! Lorenz treated by the Nazis in a third of the cost of the car - a luxury item! The scale of the receiver pristutsvuet city Kennigsberg.

Dnepr 9.
You will be surprised, but this reel tape recorder. In 55 Kyiv Economic Council released a kind of machine that's, by the way one of the first 2-track tape recorders in the USSR.

"Dnepr 9" in calm weather.

The second half of the 60s. s, weight 14 kg., the price of 200 rubles. This katushechnik featured incredible nadёzhost and good sound quality. In those days, if you had a tape recorder, it is likely that it was either "Yauza" or "Comet».

Akords stereo.
Bad, but cheap and affordable turntable late 70s. Despite svob poganyuchest, I was at home at many Soviet music lovers.

Wave 307
307 Volga - a freak. The design curiosity.
Before us to the stereo portable vinyl records! Outside it was 89 years old, but the Soviet designers decided sdleat something like a phonograph late 20th century. At that time, we were in the course of cassette recorders, but for some reason, was born a kind of monsters on batteries.

Here "Wave" in working condition.

Astra 4.
Rovesnik "Yauza" and "Comet." Among its soremennikov had the highest quality of sound and recording.

Legendary apparatus luck era! Spidola - it is the first mass tranzistrony receiver. Production began in the 60th year in Latvia. This unit can be considered sabotage against the Latvian Soviet ideology, because it is very well accepted by western station. Spidola designed in such a way that it is very easy to carry on your shoulder. Then portable tape recorders were not so far away from home you could only listen to the receiver. Foppish thing!

Record 53.
Radiola, which was produced in the 53 th year. Element sweet life. With the "record" it was possible to catch the enemy melodious voice. The device that's just you see in the picture, and now works, the owner of the collection with the help of listening to the radio "Freedom" during the events in Georgia, to complete the picture.

Phone boss 70s.
Loud calls takes a few lines, emits authoritative emanations. When in the past 10 anniversary, I worked in Obninsk on a local radio station this unit is operated in our office like a normal phone.


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