It is now we have even more music on your phone than ever before in the entire city. And then to have any of the presented devices considered a luxury!

Romantic 306. Cassette early 80s. This tape was very reliable and extremely loud. Most of all, it is notable military design. See for yourself - it is more like a harsh, military radio.

Jauza-206. Reel tape recorder early 70's. All models of the tape line "Jauza" were very popular. At the time, was even released a collection of songs with touching the PCB called "Tape Jauza system." It is on this tape in our country while listening songs Galich, Vysotsky and Okudzhava.

Romantic. This tape the second half of the 60 runs on batteries and was portable. At that time - the only way to take your music with you to the cottage or in the woods. Just enough batteries for 4 hours, so you had to take a spare set.

Just watch the old TV.


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