History Standartenfiihrer SS, who received two Stalin Prizes

If you go to the website and dial the name of the encyclopedia standartenfuehrer SS, Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Baron Manfred von Ardenne (20 January 1907 - 26 May 1997 he), you may surprised to read that he was the winner of two Stalin Prizes 1947 and 1953gg. What ???!

The talented physicist. Author 600 patents. One of the pioneers of television.

GDR National Award for 1958 and 1965gg. Maybe for television? Our sources kept complete silence - well, not in the world of the man. In fact, this is exactly Ardenne, not Kurchatov, Stalin made the atomic bomb and actually gave us a great power. This was done in order to save Germany from the Anglo-Saxons and push Russia to America.

Von Ardenne was a favorite physicist Fuhrer. He had his own private laboratory near Berlin, generously funded by the Ministry of Posts under the German "uranium project» (Kerwaffenprojekt) 1938-1945gg. That Manfred f.Ardenne developed a method of gas-diffusion cleaning of isotopes of uranium (hexafluoride or uranium hexafluoride, it turns out, gas) and the separation of isotopes of uranium 235 in the centrifuge.

His lab SS guard regiment. Concrete fortifications, more choice-trained soldiers - the USSR had lost three divisions to storm the facility and no chance to take documentation and intact (not blasted) equipment, the more no chance to catch those physicists who could in an instant to scatter and go to the bottom of the west zone. And suddenly the April miracle - the SS meekly lay down their arms, all of the laboratory research it wants to cooperate with Russian, all equipment and uranium centrifuge Institute commissioned work, with all the documentation and reagents

. Yes, even the NKVD bodies in Germany gets 15 tons of metallic uranium German quality cleaning - in grabanuli

! Fit baron went to Moscow with Frau Ardenne, capturing the magnificent grand piano, the SS dress uniform and a full-length picture of the oil from the Führer's personal artist, where he presents the oak leaves to the Knight's Cross - the highest award of the Reich (State)
He travels not alone - more than 200 prominent physicists, radio engineers, rocket ride with him. This Nobel Prize winner, a rocket maker V-3 Gustav Hertz, Professor Werner Tsulius Günther Wirth, Nikolaus Riehl, Carl Zimmer, Dr. Robert Doppel Peter Thiessen, Professor Heinz Pose - several hundred of the best German minds go to Moscow, to where it was shot rot in camps and Russian university professors, and where the term given just for the nobility.

Russia impoverished and hungry, no oil either children or the wounded in hospitals, by the chance to make an atomic bomb is no, because it requires billions of dollars of investment, modern appliances and ... brains. It is advisable to Jewish as Landau. Or German, like f.Ardenne. But not like Mehlis, his mother amplitude ...

Together with the f. Ardenne echelons goes best fresh and equipment Berlin Kaiser Institute and the Institute's own f.Ardenne - Berlin-Lichterfelde-Ost

. They come even German Electric - one of those still without repair works under g.Golitsino MO Goes documentation and reagents, film stocks and paper recorders, the photographic, wire recorders for telemetry and optics ... The fact that Stalin's Russia does not let out, and some items can not be the quality of master and still. Worker-Peasant looters hauled the best machines and brand new plants are taken out of all countries, not only from Germany, private property is not recognized. So near Vienna radiolampovy brand new factory was completely dismantled in Austria, tungsten vacuum furnace which played a big role. The Austrians have learned to pump air mercury vacuum pumps, which allow to obtain a vacuum suction to 10 to the minus 13 degree mmHg. Art. For backward Russia was unattainable

In Moscow, quickly built a concentration camp on the October field. It is quite comfortable - Herr f. Ardenne lives in a two-story mansion on the stairs portrait of the Fuhrer and his award at the Knight's Cross.

My father and mother MIHM finished in 1948., And the entire course of the boys were distributed in this concentration camp, which was encrypted as a Research Institute Glavmosstroy №9 -znamenitaya 9-ka. The pay is good, the main thing - starvation rations in the country. Instead of a general amnesty - men after captivity left to rot in camps and villages in the howling lonely women, who did not know how to feed their children

. Now there Kurchatov Institute, but correct to have called his name Ardenne. The Germans also brought waste schemes and industrial nuclear reactor breeder reactor. After all, they are pioneers in the nuclear field, in the Baltic Sea o.Ryugen was bombed the first test of mini-bomb in Pomerania - the second. When tests were killed about 700 Soviet prisoners of war ( "guinea pigs"). Power - about 5 kilotons

. Each gave the Germans 5-6 of our engineers - students often German-speaking. Our lived in the barracks, they could go to town on a pass, but pointed to the pass where, to whom, location. For example, "a \ t chronicles, Pushkin Square, the session is 14-30." F.Ardenne feared nobody, on holidays strolling through the camp in full uniform with decorations. The mother and father often invited to dinner, as taught at the Institute of Language and were German-speaking, and her mother played well with Frau Ardenne 4 hands on the piano.

From the NKVD was attached Igor Kurchatov, which should not be confused with physicist Boris Kurchatov. . If it is written in his memoirs that it was a meeting of the Academy of Sciences of incense, Kapitsa (future academicians of the USSR) and others, and mentioned the name of Kurchatov, it's Boris, but if Lavrenti Pavlovich Joseph Vissarionychem heard the report - it is Igor. So Chekist became a great physicist.

In parallel, an industrial reactor facility "Chelyabinsk-40" was obtained plutonium for the first soviet atomic bomb tests after her German doctor N.Ril became a Hero of Socialist Labor.

Then came the turn of the mass production of warheads and industrial volumes of radioactive uranium purification.

Now she understood the audacity with which Stalin acted in 45g. at the Potsdam conference - he knew that a German bomb and German uranium already in his hands. Moreover, it has now become clear that the Japanese were obtained from the German uranium studded gold boxes carried on the submarine, there is evidence of conduct of the experimental explosion off the coast of Korea. Last Boat 45g spring. He surfaced and surrendered to the American destroyer. That is why the US responded with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not to Stalin's intimidation. This maniac was too late to intimidate, Ardenne had already worked in Moscow.

Ardenne then transferred to Sukhumi, where the bay was stand up a new research center, clean centrifuge uranium isotopes. Object wore the "A" code number, then A-1009 Minsredmash, and I do not advise citizens to relax and swim in the Sukhumi bay without dosimeter. My father and mother moved back and to the school I used to live in his native Abkhazia. There have been several accidents with emissions isotopes.

Baron f.Ardenne was scientific director of the Institute (SPTI Sukhumi Physical-Technical Institute). A major role is also played avstiysky scientists - radio engineer Dr. Fritz. For this work, Baron received his second Stalin Prize 1953. and in 1955 he was allowed to return, but in the GDR.

At the end of the war 45 year, Germany had jet engines and serial jets, the first anti-aircraft missiles, the first missile of class "air - air" was the nuclear industry were infrared tank sights and gyroscopic stabilization naval guns, radar and breeding station interference, fine direction finders. There were aerial sights and gyrostabilised navigation devices submarines, "blue" optics and 1.5 volt radio tubes the size of a pinky nail, cruise missiles and ballistitseskie. All this and a lot of research, documentation and brain scientists went live Stalin.

Pitting Stalin's empire with the US and the decaying British Empire, Germany had a chance - and for a short time, got up from his knees and turned to the second or third power in the world in economics. Then Japan did, and note that no single district committee, security officers and the leading role of the party. And in Russia - the winner, people dreamed of sausage and butter from Moscow and could not buy drugs to the dying child. I well remember how in 1982 I train from Moscow bags carried grub hungry relatives in Kalinin (Tver).

The correct course the Germans did, and I'm not quite sure that it was a personal initiative of Baron f.Ardenne - to pass a lab without over - unrealistic. Any little officer you shoot with your Frau. He has since been ordered to this case.

Go to the website Encyclopedia.

And you mark the church young Soviet fools 40s, which are cotton white robes took their bare hands radioactive isotopes that poured buckets of radioactive waste into the nearest river, and few of them lived not so much to the pension - up to 30-40 years. It put a whole generation of young and talented, gullible, but simply stupid, who designed badges for others, but they worked without dosimeters. Their wives and children will remember them.

I remember his father. Kochneva Anatoly T. 1926 gr ... Twenty years in the nuclear industry. And a poor slow death from radiation sickness.

Eternal memory ....

And thank Herr Standartenfuehrer for atomic industry of the USSR, which allegedly Stalin created. Truthfully say, it gave us Germans!

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