Sale of decommissioned equipment in Belarus

In the spring I lucky enough to go to an interesting place - a military unit communication control of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. I was struck by a brilliant business move the Defense Ministry. After the collapse of the USSR in the warehouses of Belarus has accumulated a huge amount of equipment, often just in perfect condition. What would we have in the country? That's right - first plundered, povynosili all that is possible, and then sawed the remains for scrap metal and building materials. Actually what happens in my home town, where the largest in the former Soviet airfield overgrown feather grass, and all the buildings are quietly dismantled a brick. But the Ministry of Defense of Belarus decided to make a simple and ingenious - sell off the remnants of equipment and other unnecessary property. Well, tell me why the Belarusian army thousands of sets of old clothes - pants, T-shirts? All soldiers have long walk in the new. But the old kits fly for souvenirs. But it's small things, but a lot of it - you can buy almost everything? from drum circles, ending BMP and ATVs.

Unfortunately, we have seen only a fraction of this huge supermarket, as there were only signalers. But Armored management or the KGB can offer all the unique things - for example GAZ-3110 just 9m rubles - $ 830. True to the mileage of 250 thousand km))
But what we saw - enough to impress the fans techniques and military rarities! I invite you on a tour of the supermarket!

Let's start with the most banal of the lot - a concrete slab. If my memory serves me, it was worth it about 800 thousand Belarusian rubles, $ 73. I think you know what to Voenka dealai only the best, and this plate will serve for a long time.

But this is interesting - all-terrain vehicle on tracks Chassis ATS-59. It costs 50-60 million rubles, 4600-5500 dollars. In zavismosti on equipment and wear. Here is the copy was almost brand new, zakonservirovany.

The cabin looks almost untouched, a little priporoshit dust cloth but everything right! Imagine - buy such a machine, and crawled on her night club. The success and popularity provided)

The next item is relevant now more than ever - mobile power. Electric diesel unit. Live far away from civilization, where there is no power - unit electrically diesel - will dispel the darkness! Normal turned advertising slogan) is worth it 8m rubles - $ 736.

Well, yes, of course. Quality assurance) In my opinion the best confirmation.

Look at the inside of a diesel generator - brand new, in the grease. What's that, and equipment are in perfect condition. Despite the fact that many units issued in the 70-ies of the last century. Older than me, and look better (((

Synchronous generator, the 1985 - almost my age. Also made in the USSR))

On the open air, we moved into the coffers of the Motherland - a storage room. stuffed to the top of a variety of parts and appliances. On the appointment of many probably only be able to guess a graduate of the radio department. But visually, these devices just fine. I was immediately reminded of the movie "In the area of ​​special attention." There is also the headquarters of a bunch of instruments, lights and toggle switches ...
In the photo - s1-114 oscilloscope. But it costs as much as 10 mlnyu rubles - $ 920. I wonder why such a high price?

Stocks of such devices are impressive ...

Alone lamps of various kinds incredible amount. Would designer - bought and have designed some hipster cafe)

Petrol AB-4, in perfect condition. Total 3 million. rubles - $ 276. Three-phase. 4 kilowatt. Intended to supply the powerful radio station R-140m.

Body Kung 1M. Found on the site only in conjunction with GAZ-66. This kit is worth 29 million. Rubles - in 2670 dollars. Price per copy with mileage 2532 km.

And here is the GAZ-66. One of the most traveled by cars - the Altai such work taxis, podkidyvayut tourists to the top of the track with backpacks on the full off-road, almost a body in the mud.
What is the cost? For example Gas-66 with mileage 16642 km worth nearly 10 million. Rubles - only 920 Dolar. And with a range of 78,964 km, but with kung worth 24 million rubles. - 2200 Dolar

Probably the most popular machine on site PX passes as "special Passenger jeep UAZ-31512". The typewriter with mileage 230,401 km asking 15 million. - 1381 km.

Just imagine the volume of equipment, which is stored in the warehouses and in the open air! Just unreal amount of a wide variety of devices ... Sorry BRDM I did not find on the site, but in the spring I saw him for some funny money. I understand that dismantled)

But here's the monster you can still buy - ZIL-131N, 1989 model year with a funny mileage - 2,532 kilometers in 29, 5 million. Rubles - $ 2,700. And the cost per chassis with a body! For example, I found a similar option on the Ukrainian board obevleny, but for 120 000 hryvnia - it Dolar 7700! but with zero mileage. But what is 2000 km for a car ??

If there is no money in the truck, buy a slave with a sled. In the role of a slave - prosto_vova, with which we stared at these treasures. Cost learn from himself) A trolley for unwinding cable (there are sleds and wheels) costs 4, 6 million rubles - 423 Dolar

Then we walked through the covered warehouse, which stores the devices primarily designed to parse and scrap. but there is a huge number of rarities! I would be grateful if you help identify the purpose of these objects
P-407 - radio relay station of low power

Switcher, and want to shout - a girl, connect me with Smolny!

Confess, who would like to dig there? I am sure that amateur radio is still alive, and are fond of people need to be among my readers!

Radio R-311 and the manual for it. Though now take and play!

But this premise is hidden from prying eyes. Here lie Soup, which contain precious metals - gold, silver, platinum. I was damn surprised when I saw in the same military unit shop where devices open, disassemble and take out parts dragmetalami. This whole production, employing a cute girl.

Clearly Soviet "Enigma". It's definitely an encryption device

And finally - this one machine. If I had a phone, it should look like this! Once the disc, and no konopok!
COP-6 (CD-6) - Secretary Hub (Hub Director) on six lines.

And finally, some print-screens of other sections. Frankly, in the morning and write a post with ofigevayu range. Here you can buy everything. It is a pity, but the tank ...
Cassette nnada?

And if you want to open their canteens - go to the section "Crockery and cutlery." Look at the amount! 72000 Dummies waiting for their owners)

And finally - the most delicious - clothes, in the "clothing and equipment!" There you can find unique items such as "pants canvas upper for tankers khaki" (incidentally just 324 pieces), or is this device, you need every - "Telogreyka wadded" !!! Sure, quilted jackets now razmetut quickly - there are only 581 pieces or just for 19,100 rubles - 1, 7 Dolar !!!


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