Quotes from the Forum of bouillon cubes

The forum of the world famous manufacturer of bouillon cubes of firm "Hlorr" (name changed) was organized consumer survey. It was suggested to express their opinions about the products of the company, share recipes and secrets of their preparation, to ask interesting questions ... Internet community could not respond to this matter and the forum from all over the RuNet Rushed those who are called Funny People. I do not know whether it helped the event marketers and PR managers of the company, but fans banter it clearly inspired! It is said that the competition and the forum itself was closed after a couple of hours of opening. And the gifts promised by the organizers of the best participants of the forum for the most interesting questions and recipes, apparently, have not been awarded. Your attention Selected quotes from this forum.

Who ate the chicken? The truth is that the dice "Hlorr" like the taste of chicken? Share your experiences!

I ate fried chicken legs. And I tried to fry the cubes "Hlorr" in sunflower oil. It turned out tasteless and completely unlike chicken. Tell me what I did wrong.

And I'm your cubes to seal cracks in the windows for the winter. Thank you!

I cook the soup so by taking the meat, vegetables, spices ... all this is brewed. And in the end, when the soup is ready, I spill it on the plates. Cubes are added. Idiots they can eat and a bit of sugar.

Tried to make your soup recipe that on the packaging. For some reason it did not happen. All the water is absorbed into the cube. To his gnawing I do not have teeth. What do I do?

Such advice is to get you in the campaign did not bite mosquitoes, crumble a few cubes "Hlorr" into the fire ...

Kupiki "Hlorr" can be used not only in the forest, but also in residential areas. In Fumitoks We thrust cube stuck in the socket and sleep peacefully. Only for some reason all the time dreaming chicken grilled ...

It is said in Moscow went on sale Chorny Gothic cubes "Hlorr." Prompt, in what stores you can buy them and whether they can be ordered COD. Thanks!

I read somewhere that the firm "Hlorr" is the official supplier of the Kremlin. And what "Hlorr" cook Putin when he gives dinners presidents of other countries?

I did not get a compote of your dice. What the ... what's the catch? If someone cooked exactly which blocks should be used for compote?

For compotes and kisilёv best applied cubes "Hlorr" flavored pickled cucumbers.

Question to the company "Hlorr" when instead of dice you will produce other forms of cubes? I really like the dice in the form of beads. I look forward to. Your fan.

I too want to ask the company "Hlorr" why your rectangular blocks? You do not know what it looks like a cube, but as parallelepipit?

Sushi master
And I tried to make sushi out of blocks "Hlorr." Sushi business as usual, but instead of sesame seeds sprinkled with crumbled cube. It turned out beautifully, but the taste preprotivneyshe! Please cubes flavored rolls and particularly tasteful miso soup.

How to fry barbecue cubes "Hlorr" with taste of bacon? I tried the fry, but do not be mounted cubes on skewers and falling apart ... Friends said that it is possible to fry barbecue. And I do not know. Thanks in advance.

Barbecue personally I do like: a fire, put the bars, pliers gently lay the cubes on the grid. After 2-3 minutes, turn over ...

Is it true that the dice "Hlorr" produced using gineticheski modified ingredients? It is not dangerous for impotence?

Cubes "Hlorr" can be a very effective face mask on all night! But only if there are no men. My friend always licks while I sleep ...

And why your cubes crumble when they roll on the table?

It is true that Kazimir Malevich painted a black square, it was a kind Gothic cube "Hlorr»?

Who tried smoking these cubes? I do not cling ... How much time they need to dry?

If you add a cube and stir in the beer, the beer is flavored bacon and you can not have a snack!

How to cook cubes "Hlorr" in microwave ovens? And where you can buy a book of recipes for the microwave?

Is not prohibited by Russian law the use of dice "Hlorr" in public places and in close proximity to children's educational institutions?


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