World Thorium Fuel Vehicle

New York designer Loren Kulesus invented the brand Sadillac concept of "eternal" car. According to the author, materials and technical stuffing would allow the machine to serve a hundred years without repair in daily operation.

Currently breathtaking prototype World Thorium Fuel Vehicle exists only in memory of its founder, but in any case is not a thing in itself: on the idea of ​​a Cadillac WTF designer prompted reflection on environmentally unfriendly traditional fuels and the idea that the fight with damage to the environment need to explore all the possibilities.

Indeed, the life of modern cars is relatively small. Their production, use and disposal of a negative impact on the environment. To try to break this vicious circle, you need to think outside the box really. So, the best source of energy for a car that is designed to work without repair and refuel for a hundred years, than a nuclear reactor is not found. A proposed as a weakly radioactive thorium fuel, Lauren Kulesus proceeded from the fact that this element is common in the earth's crust about the same as tin, and is less dangerous than uranium or plutonium.

Another point is that the principle of the rest of the car should also be radically different. Primarily used thorium energy as efficiently as possible to actuate the program to function as the nervous system of the vehicle. Secondly, all the main components Cadillac WTF hedged to the car in case of breakage still continued to function. In particular, this concept has therefore a total of 24 wheels. They are narrow, allowing you to have six wheels instead of one ordinary. In this case, each of them is equipped with its own built-induction electric motor. The car will need a wheel that should be governed by every five years, but not replaced, in whole or in part.

Third, the design of Cadillac WTF is flexible and can be transformed by the principle of muscles, which gives it a very intuitive handling characteristics, such as the angle of the wheels, automatically adapting to the surface, depending on the contact with it can vary.

For safety reasons, the reactor is located in the rear of the machine. Excess generated power can be used to recharge, for example, batteries other cars.

On the other details Lauren Kulesus not reported, but it does not matter - first place for originality in all sorts of design contests his project and so guaranteed.


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