Carbon dioxide is the basis for the new fuel

Carbon dioxide in the last few decades has become the main "horror stories" of Western society. Its abundance in the atmosphere explain Greenhouse effect Global warming, an abundance of hurricanes, melting glaciers and other unpleasant things. However, a group of British scientists managed to turn carbon dioxide into ... fuel for internal combustion engines!

Humanity is not the first decade is looking for an alternative fuel, created on the basis of refined petroleum products — petrol and diesel. In the last year, the search intensified on an unprecedented scale — we saw the vehicle driving on the fuel from the cheese, hydrogen and even compressed air. And recently a British research company Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) announced that it has managed to synthesize the fuel on the basis of water and carbon dioxide!

Pilot plant, developed by engineers at Air Fuel Synthesis, was able to synthesize five liters of the new fuel. Its principle is based on the collection of from the air carbon dioxide and conducting it through the process of electrolysis, where this substance, uniting with water into a fuel that can be poured into the tanks of modern cars with internal combustion engines.

According to a press release, the popular company Air Fuel Synthesis, the construction of the plant, which will produce one ton of such fuel per day, the cost of production will be approximately equal to the cost of gasoline or diesel fuel. However, many independent experts rather doubt that it is real. After all, the company Air Fuel Synthesis showed no economic calculations, confirming her statement.

However, soon will begin construction of a pilot plant for the production of fuel from carbon dioxide technology Air Fuel Synthesis. Here, its operation and will show whether it is possible to establish the manufacture of such fuel on an industrial scale, but still at reasonable prices.

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