Flashmob on Red Square with stool (20 photos)

We have already published a photo report about an attempt hitchhiked with a stool in Moscow. Today you will find a kind of continuation taburetochnoy history. At this time - it's a flashmob on Red Square with the participation of the same stools, photo story which belongs fotobloggeru Sergei Mukhamedov.

"By the announcement of the action" Stool in Red Square "no one took seriously. Still, he began with the words: "Blow up along the main square of Russia ...". Next wave of about freedom, love, creativity and the right to sit on a stool at any point on the globe. The comments were joking about the extreme, a support group of people in the same shoes and remembered the failed Kremlin pillow fight. The organizers are already familiar to me in one of the reports, call up, find out the details, expressing doubts and get back a strong belief in the rally. "

2) For half an hour before the appointed time on the Red Square are already two stools.

3) Beat chimes. At this point, all fleshmobery had to take their stools, but there is only one we are.

4) Ringing in the "headquarters". It turns out that a core group of late literally a couple of minutes and sat down on the other end of Red Square.

5) They soon appear.

6) And talk about your questions police detained them.

7) is solved again by making a group photo. Notice of looking at someone look at a snapshot.

8) Dude plainclothes explains that he warned.

9) Leonid Kanter, easily professional hitchhiker, explains that the flash mob has nothing to do with politics. They did not protest and would not campaign, but just want to sit only one minute on a stool.

10) Still, they are advised to immediately get out. They obey. Hear how the police had come up dude says: "All the same hold two", but the group with stools, making photos, has gone far to Ilyinke.

11) At the exit from the Red Square, I notice two more fleshmobschits, they are not of the party hitchhikers. Hence, the appeal found an echo among the masses.

12) evening news conference in the "Museum of furniture", dedicated to the international expedition "from the stool across continents».

13) In addition to the participants, there were representatives of embassies of the countries through which the route will pass. Mexico's cultural attaché.

14) mastermind of the action - Kyiv film director Leonid Kanter.

15) Team Russia, Ukraine and Belarus almost fully assembled. For the remainder of the year until the end of time, they dopoluchat necessary visas, and in March hitchhiking go to Cape Horn, the last set of a kitchen stool Leonid to the ocean.

16) And before that, in January, inhabited in Ukrainian village and three months will be ready to travel, studying Spanish, preparing street performances and lapping each other. And most importantly - to move away from the bustle of daily business, after all, in the way they spend the whole year.

17) My daughter also go together with Leonid.

18) And this is - the kind of girl who went on a trip last photo report.

19) The girls said that the report on their trip to Gomel took 40 pages: "There was so much stuff like that!»

20) Daughter father watching a movie. This movie - opposite the film "Requiem for a Dream", rather "sbychu dream"! :)


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