I held in Moscow Victory Parade

For the first time after more than 17 years
a break in the parade on Red Square
involved military equipment: ground and air.

Military parade dedicated to the 63rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War with the participation of nearly 8000 troops, 111 units of modern tracked and wheeled combat vehicles and 32 aircraft and helicopters began on the Red Square in Moscow.

Chief of the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Popov, reported to the commander of the parade - the commander of the Moscow Military District, Army General Vladimir Bakin of the readiness of the troops for the parade.

General Vladimir Bakin, a chiming clock, gave the command of the removal of the state flag of the Russian Federation and the Victory Banner.

After the removal of the flags of Russia and Banner Commander parade car Acting met Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, and told him about the readiness of the troops for the parade. Then Serdyukov traveled parade calculations and made six stops to welcome the troops.

After greeting the troops Defense Minister reported to the President of Russia, who made a short speech. After the president's speech on Red Square Russian anthem, which was followed by the 11th volleys of artillery salute division.

The parade includes historical and contemporary pieces. In the historical part of the parade officers and soldiers in the form of the Great Patriotic War will carry banners of ten fronts and 45 battle banners of units and formations.

First on the Red Square, a car parade commander, he joined a company of drummers of the Moscow Military Music School. Behind it The Banner Group and proceeded on foot columns of the parade.

Just walking the parade involving more than 40 higher military schools and units, including 14 schools, 19 of the compounds of the Defense Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Interior Ministry and Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Complete the passage on foot columns of cadets of the Moscow Higher Command School.

Ceremonial calculations will march to the music of the composite military orchestra, which included about 600 military musicians. The mechanized column on the cobblestones of Red Square will be T-90 tanks, armored personnel carriers BTR-90 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 combat vehicles BMD-4, self-propelled artillery guns "Octopus", multiple launch rocket systems "Smerch". In addition, the columns will be held launchers of anti-aircraft missile system S-300PS "Favorite" anti-aircraft missile air defense systems "Thor" and "Beech".

Complete the passage of the latest technology columns tactical missile systems "Iskander" and strategic complexes "Topol" with intercontinental ballistic missiles in a non-combat equipment. Tracked vehicles parade settlements converted to the so-called The rubber tracks that do not harm either the streets of Moscow, nor the cobblestones of Red Square.

Aerial part of the parade will open the Mi-8 helicopters, which will carry the flag State of the capital of Russia, as well as the flags of the Armed Forces and the Air Force. Helicopters will be held over Red Square at the height of 200 meters at a speed of just over 100 km / h.

Then, in the sky over Moscow fly strategic missile carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95 long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers, tankers Il-78, the largest military transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan", MiG-29 fighter, the MiG-31, Su- 27, Su-25 frontline bombers Su-24 attack aircraft Su-34. Warplanes fly over Red Square at the height of 300-500 meters at a speed of 550-600 km / h. The distance between the cars will be up to three kilometers.

In addition, over Moscow fly planes in single formation aerobatic teams «Russian Knights" and "Swifts". Takeoff from airfields Kubinka (Moscow region) and Shaykovka (Kaluga region). After the dissolution of the parade Air Force crews arrive at the base airfield.

Throughout the parade, with the exception of the president's speech, the combined military orchestra of 550 musicians will perform marches, specifically for each species and type of troops.

The last parade on the Red Square with the participation of military equipment was held November 7, 1990. From 1991 to 1994, military parades were held, and in 1995 in honor of the 50th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War on Red Square have been the veterans of war, and on Poklonnaya Hill - military equipment. Conducting military parades on Red Square with the participation of troops of the Moscow garrison was renewed in 1996.


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