How to celebrate the New Year on Red Square.

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Red Square - a popular meeting place for New Year Moscow guest workers. You can treat this differently, but if you've ever celebrated the New Year on the main square of the country, have seen that the majority of visitors, it is the newcomers from Central Asia. This year, authorities decided to put an end to this tradition. As a result, New Year's Eve on the approaches to the Red Square were detained nearly 2,000 people. Follow the news could be in my account. As the official news was the message: "On Manezh Square on Friday evening no one was detained," - said to "Interfax" the official representative of the Moscow police.

I'm in this year's Red Square did not take off. All photos sent by an eyewitness, who requested anonymity.

3 hours before the New Year. Usually at this time it is not crowded, but December 31, 2010 to reach the area was very difficult.

In the metro station "Revolution Square" access to the Lenin Museum. Right at the exit of the subway all persons of non-Slavic appearance were caught and collected on the sidelines. Buses are not enough, people had to wait a long time here so the bus for the trip to the police station.

In the framework of the standing migration officers, they checked documents. Almost all of the detainees did not have any documents or were fake registration.

Those who passed through the scope, were caught just 20 meters. Detentions at the walls "Manege". Here people searched and loaded into trucks. Other office virtually no one. The detained that night were sent to the farthest ATS in Bibirevo, Medvedkovo, Butovo, Welcome, Marino etc., so that they do not have time to come back.

Those who were with the girls, or one did not take, but simply advised to go to celebrate New Year in a different location. Also detained drunk Muscovites. To bring alcohol in Red Square was not allowed, so people quickly drank before frames at the exit of the subway and walked
without the bottle.

And in Red Square near the Historical Museum was a car with riot police "Zubr". They seem to stand in reserve. They do not even act. On Red Square were police academy cadets. They were built in the chains and smashed the area into sectors. So students and stood most of the night.

People rejoice

According to witnesses, it was the first New Year's Eve for the last time when the area you can walk freely ybl ...

And a few hours before the New Year there is information about a possible terrakte on KP. About the first explosion wrote only Layfnyus, then shut down all the information so as not to injure susceptible Muscovites.

It is strange that nowhere is there information about the mass detentions. All photographers were shooting rabbits and fireworks in the square.

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