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"Take off that number and get out" - shouted organizer marathon Jockey Sam, when he noticed a woman among begunov

1918 Revolution in Moskve.

1920 women soldiers engaged in near kazarmami

1920, Lenin and his sister-in-Moskve

1920 Broken statue of Alexander III in Moskve

1921 The water is extracted by means of men placed inside kolesa..

1921 International Communist Congress in Moscow. Airship over the city during the parade on Red ploschadi.

1921 Street parikmaherskaya

1922 Children in the parade on Red Square welcome Trotskogo

1924 Military Conference Moskve

1924 Rakowski with Chicherin in the Soviet Embassy in Parizhe

1932 Countess Tolstoy, daughter pisatelya

Anatoly Firsov and Alexander Maltsev


British sapper approaching suspicious object, date neizvestna

In this photo RIAN archive signed simply: "Students in the classroom." However, if you look closely, the students do a writing assignment in Hindi - in the late fifties we strongly friends with India and, apparently, in some cases even begun to teach children the language of a friendly state |

Vilnius, 1965. Miniskirts there appeared a couple of years ranshe

Military exercises 1939 god

World Festival of Youth, 1957 god

Selecting a location for the monument Mayakovsky, 1956 god

Exhibition in Paris in 1937

Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Moscow, the performance of Leo Trotskogo

Two Russian girls learning to shoot a rifle. The park in Tashkent. 30th gg

Demonstration in defense of useful birds 1934 god

Demonstration, 1928 god

Children's Hospital since the early SSSR

Another incredible event for Moscow in those years - Youth Festival 1957. In virtually closed to foreign countries came thousands of delegates of the festival from all over the world. It was fun and neprivychno

Live pyramid 1936 god

New Yorker reading the newspaper, the headline reads "The Nazi army 75 miles from Paris, May 18, 1940 goda.

Disguised mausoleum 1941 god

Sigmund Freud zhenoy

The famous football goalkeeper Alex Khomich, 1950.

Playing the piano, 1945 god

Cabby watered horse water 1924

Swing on the barrel abandoned fishing 1944 god

Clara Zetkin, a German Communist, is headed protsessii

Goat sled 1910 god

The farmers are considering a downed German plane 1944

The end of the war. Victory Salute to the Red Square in Moscow, May 9 1945

Competition hairdressers 1975 god

Confiscated miter 1921 god

Native American looks down at the newly built section of the transcontinental railroad, Nevada, approximately 1,868 god.

Lev Yashin driving his avtomobilya


Marcel Renault 1903 god

Marshal Semyon Budyonny on parade November 7, 1947 on Red ploschadi

International Communist Congress in Moscow. Clara Zetkin with soratnitsami

An unprecedented event - a week of French film in Moscow! Philip Gerard, the famous Tulip Fanfan, among Muscovites, 1955

The first passengers of the first New York subway, 1904 god

The last four pairs to reach the finals of the dance marathon in Chicago, 1930 god.

Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1920

Robots cross the road, 1967 god

Russian women with bundles bow rynke

Russian teacher with students 'literacy' in front of a makeshift board. 1929 god

Russian peasants conduct electricity 1920 god

The earliest known photographs in which a person is drinking beer, ale Edinburgh 1844 goda

The word "auto repair" will go down in the lexicon of Soviet man a little later. In the meantime, it was necessary to repair the machine yourself. 1967 god

Demolition of Christ the Saviour 1931 god

Previous Kremlin Eagles 1935 god

Dogs carry a wounded 1944 god

Soviet molodezh

Soviet neformaly

Soviet soldiers in Berlin 1945 god

Employees of Microsoft, December 7, 1978 goda

Stalin died - someone crying, someone happy. The funeral of the leader on the Red Square, 1953

Builder Moskvy

Super velosiped

This "cow" shoes worn by American bootleggers era of Prohibition, the police could not calculate them in the footsteps of 1922 god.

Tank 1943 god

Terezka grew up in a concentration camp, after the war, she lived in a boarding school for children with developmental delays. In the picture she paints her dom.


Trams on Nevsky rose, people with smiles on their faces fleeing to the shelter. One of the first bombing of Leningrad, June 24, 1941 goda

Three students at Princeton University after the traditional freshmen "battle" snowballs, 1893 god.

Trotsky during the parade on Red ploschadi

Gym class at the Uzbek school, 1935.

Fantastic photo hunter from Kyrgyzstan, 1966

Photographer John Wells Reyhill stands together with the village detmi

Footballers Moscow "Dynamo" in London, November 1945

Khrushchev promotes landing kukuruzy

Tsar semya

A little more than three months before the beginning of the occupation of Kharkov by the Germans. Service in one of the churches in the city, 1941

The headquarters of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascist Party 1934 god

Young motorists on the sports parade 1935 god

Yuri Gagarin

Japanese family back home (Seattle, Wash.) From the Japanese internment camps in Idaho, May 10 1945

Yaroslavl pioneers, 1971 god


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