1 egg
100 ml of milk
20 g of vanilla sugar for flan
1/2 Art. l. sugar for caramel
1. Eggs mixed with sugar.
2. Add the warm milk and strain.
3. For the caramel melt the sugar in a pan, bring to the desired color and then pour into molds. I love it when she does the dark, with a little bitterness.
4. When the caramel has cooled, pour the egg mixture over it.
5. Place the molds in great shape, place in oven and pour boiling water into a large container, so that it reaches the middle of the molds.
6. Cook for about an hour at 150 ° C.
7. Cool to room temperature and refrigerate for several hours.
8. Ready flan removed from the mold (for this you need to hold a knife along the walls) and invert onto a plate.


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