Deja vu or foresight?

Even in the era of unbridled materialism, people continued to believe that we can see the future. At least in my dreams. And, if this question seriously, but without excessive exaltation and dogmatism, it is quite possible to cultivate this gift and use it in everyday life.
Recently, the South Korean neuroscientists after another series of studies have pleased the world claim that did so, a man is able to dream about their future and even, in some measure, to simulate it. Clearly, with a lot of reservations. Reservations and general concern "snyaschego" that is, the degree of excitation, general fatigue, stomach fullness and other "correction" factors. That is, if a person is overexcited, fell asleep, using a pre pretty alcohol or drugs, it is hardly worth considering what he saw the dream as "prophetic." But if a person is in a "natural" sleep and a balanced emotional state - then yes. It actually see the pictures of the future. By the way, this is believed to researchers based the effect of "deja vu».
However, even these pictures - it is a preliminary version of events, which can be substantially corrected, including other people, which at the time of sleep was not yet known.
From my experience I can add - yes, dreams. And quite clearly give a picture of the upcoming events. There is, however, one more question about the emotional state. As a rule, in the days (nights), when they came to such dreams, emotions often rolls over. And in the alcohol once it's in a dream solution to a commercial issue.


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