Reincarnation: facts and opinion of scientists

Belief in reincarnation has its roots in ancient Eastern teachings, but this phenomenon has long interested and scientists. In the 1960s, pioneers in the study of reincarnation were American psychologists Sorvard Deslefsen Helen Vombah and psychiatry professor Ian Stevenson, and their followers have organized the department at the Institute of Parapsychology in the UK and the University of Munich. In the 1970s, he was the first to explore "xenoglossy" - the ability to speak in previously unknown languages ​​- English professor Don Johnson. He also created two hypnotherapists in the US Center of eternal return, which studied couples who were husband and wife in another life. In 1980 in the United States about a hundred psychiatrists from different countries founded the Association for Research and Therapy of past lives.

Three memories

Scientists have identified three types of memory of the past.

Deja Vu (fr. "Déjà vu") - psychic phenomenon, faced by many. At some point you feel that you've been in this situation or seen the same landscape ... But make no mistake: deja vu - no more than your imagination, in some cases - the patient. According to Director of the Center for Mental Health Alexander Tiganova, this phenomenon refers to paramnesia, ie distortion of memory. And if time does not examine the brain, this effect (if it is repeated often!) Can lead to memory loss, or, or hallucinations.

Genetic memory

It is a deeper kind of memories when the subconscious mind suddenly gives information about distant ancestors. First began to study the genetic memory of the famous psychologist Carl Jung. He believed that the experience of the individual is not lost, but is inherited from generation to generation, remaining in the distant recesses of the brain. For example, Jung himself was convinced that he lived in the XVIII century, although his year of birth - 1875 th. One day he was struck by a picture of the French artist, depicting a doctor at the time - his shoes, he admitted his. "I had a vivid conviction - he wrote - that I once wore them. I literally feel these shoes at his feet. By the way, my hand often against the will of output numbers in 1775 instead of 1875, and at the same time I felt an inexplicable nostalgia. " Jung made inquiries and found out that one of his ancestors at the time was a physician in the province.

By the way, Sylvester Stallone believes that his distant ancestor was a sentinel of a nomadic tribe. And Keanu Reeves is confident that his praprapradeda was a dancer at the temple of Bangkok. And their stories were confirmed during the test sessions of hypnosis when they have committed a "tour" of the past ancestors.

The occurrence of genetic memory actively opposes our consciousness as "vision" of the past can cause a split personality. But this memory can occur during sleep, when the mind control oslablinetsya.


These cases have nothing to do with the genetic memory: people remember the life of other people, in the body which supposedly could enter his soul. Proponents of reincarnation believe that after death the soul of a man goes into a new body. According to the Eastern teachings, each of us can live from 5 to 50 reincarnations. And of past lives we can recall only in special cases: head injury, mental illness, or in a trance. Scientists involved in this issue, argue that the events of past lives can affect the health and behavior of the individual. For example, people may be afraid of fire because in one of the earlier incarnations died during a fire in Rome.

22000 CASES reincarnation

The biggest authority in the field of psychiatry, Professor Ian Stevenson (USA) began to study the experience of reincarnation back in the 1960s. He described more than 2000 unique cases of reincarnation occurred in different parts of the globe. And each case, he studied himself: going to the place and spent a tremendous research work, helping people to connect fragments of memories. He collected photographic material, questioned witnesses and even doing excavations, speaking as a historian, ethnographer and even detective.

Proof of reincarnation, Dr. Stevenson said three phenomena: the ability to speak in a foreign language, the presence of moles, scars and scratches this person and his predecessor in the same places and let small, but historical evidence.

One-third of the number of its general observations - people who have birth defects. For example, a boy with a powerful skin cicatricial growth on the back of his head recalled that in a previous life he hacked ax blow to the head. Stevenson found a family, where he once lived a man who was killed with an ax, and found out the nature of the wound, which, like tracing paper, laid down on the skin defect on the boy's head. Another child, born with like chopped off fingers on his hand, says that was injured in agricultural operations. And Stevenson found people who confirmed that indeed lived a man who died from loss of blood, as his fingers caught in a threshing machine. The third case - the girl was born with a leg without foot. This girl I remember myself a young woman who fell under the train, she underwent the amputation of his right foot, but she did not survive. And there are thoroughly tested, proven protocols of forensic autopsy cases - hundreds.

A classic case of reincarnation, according to Stevenson, we can assume the stories of children from 2 to 5 years on its "past" life. To the surprise of researchers, these stories are often the same as to the details is really happening, but the child could not know the circumstances described his former life of man. But to 8 years in memory of the previous life disappears. No wonder that the Eastern sages taught that the past is hidden from the people of the mercy to them, few are able to survive the thousands of deaths and accept the inevitability of an infinitely long way.


Blue rose city of the dead

One of the Mexican psychiatric hospitals enrolled patients Huang, who complained that he was "obsessed with the mysterious image." Juan saw himself as a priest of a huge temple on some big island. Every day he put the dried mummies in large clay pots, sarcophagi, which are then attributed to the altar in the countless small rooms of the temple. And Juan was describing what is happening in every detail down to the blue dress embroidered with blue roses have served him priestesses. On the walls of the small rooms, which were placed pitchers, he said, it was painted birds, fish and dolphins in blue. Deal helped the case. Stevenson in a scientific journal found an article about the legendary Labyrinth on Crete, which was not a palace, was thought for a long time, and the necropolis - a city of the dead giant. Burial rite is fully consistent with the fact that "saw" the Mexican Juan, never heard of the island of Crete. And especially not knowing that the blue and blue colors of the ancient Greeks were symbols of mourning, and poultry, fish and dolphins accompanied the souls of the dead to the underworld.

Biennial drunkard

When a boy named Suge Sri Lanka 2 years old, he told his mother that his real home is eight miles to the south, that his name was Sammy Fernando, he worked on the railroad, and then became an alcoholic and died, hit by a truck. The investigation, undertaken Stephenson revealed that Sammy really lived in those places, and died as described Suge. The whole gathered 59 matches between the story of the child and family memories rabochego.1 boy surprised parents all new details of his past life alcoholic almost 6 years, when all the memories have disappeared completely.

Recall all

Many hypnotist convinced that the best way to explore the reincarnation of using deep hypnosis. For example, scientists at Munich University questioned under hypnosis a few hundred people on the events that they remember in the first 3 years of life, and came to a surprising result. Almost 35% of respondents were able to "remember" events that have been proven, had not occurred to them. And subjected to hypnosis, people often begin to speak unfamiliar languages. For example, a psychologist Ian Currie in the book "No one dies forever" describes how the doctor-American from Philadelphia subjected to hypnosis his wife, returning it to the past. Suddenly the woman spoke a low male voice with a Scandinavian accent. Invited experts have concluded that a woman who suddenly became "a man," says obsolete Swedish. However, not all scientists share the view hypnotist ...


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