The elusive feeling that everything will go like that: Foresight or programming

Often unpleasant events that happened to us to cause such thoughts: but it was an elusive feeling that everything will go like that!.. And a reasonable question arises: did it work our intuition? Or we ourselves mentally programmed to just such an outcome?

I am often asked the question: how to distinguish the voice of the soul from mental programs and unconscious stereotypes, living in our own life?

Can we affect the anticipated development of events with his attitude, as it's a foregone conclusion or a fact?

Answer first the last part of the question.

It's not that, can we create our own reality, and that we always create it. Always. No such thing as a reality that You have created. Your whole reality is created by You.

Another thing is that it can be unconsciously created by other programs. Ie people, for example, launched a program "in the area to live dangerously, Rob", or "in my family at a certain age all men suffer from this incurable disease" — and that itself creates, in reality, the corresponding plot.

The man agrees or programs acquired from outside, and immersed in the same feelings and fears that victims, or choose to break free from those thoughts and feelings in which they live robbed residents or sick relatives.

And the question is not even what thoughts You think and how You feel at these thoughts. What feelings are the driving force. Strong inspiration can instantly break into a splendid future and to destroy the already almost established.

Therefore, it is important to own your feelings and to ensure that strong disappointments in Your life wasn't. Because if You're "acutely disappointing" as I think about something, You literally bring it "damage".

Fortunately, to counteract this self-destructive humor helps, dramatically reducing the significance of negative programming. As soon as You notice such a condition, urgently switch attention to the raising of the resource, and gratitude for the good things You have! And there and joke will find power: "that's what I hyped myself, here are a Dynamo! Uhh! Better fouettes twist!.."

So, this question cleared. In principle, there is no other life except the one we create for ourselves. Absolutely all events are created by us.

Now determine how to distinguish feeling from their own negative programming.

The main criterion is the ease. The voice of intuition is light and unobtrusive and is not associated with any negative feelings.

Ie, if You quietly feel that it is not necessary now to go, for example, to some officials, because something is not in the mood, do not want is intuition. Will come – and then closed, or officials at the "hospital". If the idea that you need to go there, is causing You discomfort, dyspnea, it is some unfinished program inside You that warns: "You're afraid of it, you are not able to interact. You're going to school and you will be bad." The body tells You you're not ready to face this problem, you need to change the attitude towards it. Why be surprised, if in this mood the campaign will fail – the question will not be solved, time and nerves wasted.

If You have these kind of conditions are quite common, You need to sit down and write out, for whatever reasons they happen. When You generalize, You will see that these so-called "feeling" relate to those actions or events, which You try to avoid, ad nauseam... ie You have not completed program encouraging to see just such a situation. This is negative programming which You live.

Someone is "afraid" of officials, someone teachers at school, someone is afraid to Express themselves: "I deserve this!". When inside, this program will work, then You won't be afraid to enter into certain relations or act in a certain area, and installation of Your program will no longer hinder You. Because You realized the main thing: "people are NOT the role." If you communicate with people, not officials or family characters – all solved!

If You regularly slip some fleeting thoughts or images of the coming trouble, and then these troubles happen in life, do not these fleeting thoughts to pass. Perhaps this is a hint to You.

If You have an idea about the loss of money, perhaps You live in fear of financial instability, or is the program too strong ties to the money because You know your value measure Finance. And You can really lose a wallet or have it stolen, or Bank collapse etc. So you need to use these signs in order to better acquainted with your unconscious expectations.

Ask yourself:

— what really scares me?

— what in me attracts this negative situation?

why would I want this situation?

— what should I change to avoid this?

— how should I change my inner condition?

Flashed You thought about a car accident, You immediately say to yourself, "Wait, why do I need accident? What I have been through an accident will get what bonuses?"

And You will see that through an accident You:

a) unable to care for loved ones;

b) distracted from some strong stimulus, which, You had;

C) if badly hurt physically, will get a legitimate opportunity not work for some time;

g) get a chance to vent their rage, anger etc.

All these bonuses need to be considered. And when you realize what the root of the problem, and how else You can get the same bonuses the situation will develop differently. A negative situation doesn't have to happen.

Interestingly, people can receive material damage (losing a valuable thing to get a leak from above living neighbors, it's silly to crash the car) is not for financial reasons, and because of the inability to suppress more to itself pity or self-blame. Material damage allows you to feel sorry for yourself and punish. The reason is that many first habitually force myself to "sacrifice their interests", and then suffer from ingratitude in the face "obestochte" of the resource.

In such a situation, the loss of diamond earrings, or broken furniture in the apartment flooding output a lot of negative feelings, keeping us health (as you know, chronic disease is buried deep in us and is not recognized by negative emotions).



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For example, did You realize that the whole thing is clamped to the wrath You feel to address some situation or person, but not allow it to come out, bury it in myself. And then You can stop pretending that You are all well, and to release your anger, not leading to the accident. You can prioritise, propagates, wildly problematise at home, to beat a pillow, etc. Finally, write an angry letter several times to read it aloud and then burn. It would be good to understand – teaches You the object of the anger (yet — not by chance!..) And You don't have to get into an accident.

Such recognition of your emotions and study them very effective. Use it and create their own wonderful life. published


Author: Svetlana Dobrovolskaya




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