Mom blonde

Dear daughter, I write you these few lines to let you know that I am writing to you.
If you receive this letter, it means that it is up to you to come down.
If not, then let me know and I'll write you again.
I am writing to you slowly, because I know you're not very quick read. Recently, your dad read one article that most accidents befall close to home, so we decided to move a little bit further.
The house is wonderful! There is even a washing machine, but I do not know how it works.

Yesterday I filled it with dirty laundry, pulled the chain, and it was gone! Now I'm looking at the instructions.
Weather very good. Last week, rain fell only twice: at the beginning of the week, 3 days, and closer to the end, for 4 days.
By the way, about the coat that you wanted, Uncle Bob said that if his cast with these buttons, it will be too expensive by weight, so I cut them off. Sew them back, I put them in the right pocket.
Your dad found a new job. Beneath 500 people! He mows the grass in the cemetery.
Your sister Anastasia recently married and waiting for the baby. We do not know what sex it is, so long that I can not tell you, will you be an uncle or an aunt. If it's a girl, she wants to call it, like me. A strange decision to name his daughter Mama.
With your brother Tolia recent incident happened: he closed his car and left the keys inside. He had to return home on foot (10 km!) To take the second set of keys and let us out of the car.
If you suddenly meet his cousin Lily, then give her my regards. If you do not meet it, then do not say anything to her.
Your mom.
PS: I wanted to send you some money, but sealed the envelope.


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