Selfless love of wandering

Tell a friend - a psychiatrist. They have in the regional mental hospital for the chronically ill patient is a constant - the old man alone. He is known for its propensity to travel. He wants the old man, for example, from his native Vologda (or where it came from) to get to St. Petersburg - draws a card, carry out a straight line from Vologda to St. Petersburg, calculates azimuth, take a compass and forth pehom. As the crow flies. Through the fields, forests, orchards of others - never deviating. River-Lake boost, swamps causeway flooring. Being caught and questioned - so why do something?
 - Responsible puzzled (say, do not you know) - so because it is closer, in a straight line for you! It will register the course polechat, discharged, and two months later he again comes to them - each time with a new route. This is really unselfish love to wandering!


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