And why are not you in school?

I sit at work, urgently write any document (urgent, because the client, this is the document that is needed - is sitting at the door and waits patiently), 11.00 am, Friday ... Call phone, pick up the phone - there is a secretary with the switch reports that called my child and longs to communicate. And I must say that I have recently issued synule all my work phone and he carefully wrote them down in a notebook personal than was terribly proud. However, the time only 11.00 - sonny, a student of the second class should be in school and gnaw granite science. It dawns on the idea that he must have persuaded grandmother that he hurt all that is possible and walk. And calls me to clarify the login password for the computer, because no disease can interfere with the game on the computer. Pick up the phone, I hear a child's voice in it, saying hello and feel like a parent to the full, start brainwashing in the spirit of what floor you dear friend at home doing what happened and why you Philo and walk ... after 10 minutes finish the whole tirade the rhetorical question: "Well, why are not you in school?" From the phone heard a frightened voice:
 - I have yet to go to kindergarten ...
The child was not mine ...)


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