Loaded question

The story was the place to be many years ago, when we (a group of former classmates) came out in the open air with a view to taste kebab-mashlyka.
And as of the end of school by the time 11-12 years have passed, then our company has not only diluted wives (who were), but the child (who had a wife). Found clearing, lit a small fire, the bottle is in the lake on a string swim woman salads are cut, the men kebab skewer, two-some dogs out of nowhere appeared on the lawn running around ... Good then to other bones daughter of EVOH (s 5 s), and asks:
 - Dad, why do dogs each other's tail sniffing? Kostya, being a political officer at the time, on all sorts of provocative questions, because of the specific service, could answer without hesitation, in this case, not looking up from the barbecue, and without turning his head:
 - Duck ... ... Yul acquainted they ...
Daughter took a break, then disappointed, said:
 - And we all, "Zdra-avstvuyte, and how you call ut".


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