Mischievous girl Julia

I stand, it means that the dressing room, waiting for the cute to measure jeans. Comes a young mother with her daughter, her daughter by force a year, ranked booth daughter takes with him.
My daughter is waiting, when my mother would remove his pants and dramatically opens the shutter out of the booth and directed toward the exit from the store. Mom quickly closes the curtain calls and daughter back, "Julie, Come quickly come here, Wait on the pope nada!" ... UY! The child goes to the door, but it blocks the path of fellow - worker of Collins.
The child understands that no one had let go, silently rotates 180 degrees and goes to the dressing room, which is worth it ... Very mamashka shutter opens again ... Mom screeching))
Garbage! Child welling circles about fitting, examines all available booths, distracted by the boy ... At this time in the dressing room, which is next to the dressing Mothers, comes another aunt ... all so overdressed ... The child, meanwhile, turns to rediscover my mother ... and what does he see? Correctly!!! Two cabins are closed ... Where is the mother ... The child, without hesitation, kneels, trying to find my mother's legs ... nifiga ... Next idea? Correctly! Girl dramatically opens the curtain ... the booth, where there is an aunt ..... "REMOVE CHILD !!!!" ... we davimsya kid laughing ... Mom, again in shorts jumps out and grabs rebnenka ...
In general, as a result of a cubicle curtains, where her mother was, and was not closed ... And the child managed to *** dit all spoons for shoes that hung in front of the fitting (but then they were taken away from her), wipe the floor of his jacket and forehead fit in a rack with numbers (such fitting at the stand) ...


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