This is a story about our chadah ... my son was about 3 years old. Took him to his grandmother in the south: the sun, fruits and other benefits to the younger body, again in a private house with a large yard and garden is where the child is relatively safe to roam.

It is relatively safe, t. To. These walking misunderstandings will always find a lump on his head and problems on ... So this time riding around the yard on a bicycle ("Pal" - who does not know it is a small bike, the rear of which is fastened one more little wheel on the left and right of the main wheels to fall hard, but if you try, you can) my young driver managed to roll over and fly headlong into the rose bushes. Cry, tears and snot on her cheeks ... compassionate grandmother to reassure the victim owed:
 - Do not cry, my little cat in Zabol, Zabol in dogs, while Misha alive.
It took some time, bruises and abrasions safely smeared green paint, the child doing something we already forgotten about my grandmother said. And suddenly pay attention to suspicious Hushed child: he sits in the doghouse next to our dog ball, holding his cat, petting her and says:
 - Poor Musinka, grandmother told you to get sick bump ...
Here you have a doctor Aibolit.


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