Able to speak

We live in Canada. Son - six years. Although he was born in Canada, in Russian, he says all is better than Canadian, so is not always clear what he has in mind. So yesterday ...
Grazed his leg, saw the blood came, and roused himself:
 - Used %% e!
 - Hmm - I was surprised.
I, of course, the big fan of profanity; especially when in front of me at the wheel Kitaika, but I restrain it. Well, "goat", well, "sheep", well, I do not "%% d b».

And why no soft sign?
 - What's that ?, - asked.
 - Used %% d, - answers.
 - Where did you hear this?

My son looked at me with izumlemiem, making it clear what can be heard anywhere.
 - What is it?
 - Used %% d - means blood! (Blood - blood).
Oh well. 2: 0 in your favor, son.
What? When I was 1: 0, you ask?

Ah, yes. It happened when he had just begun to speak and to think.
We go with him down the street, and then he brightened up, somewhere I pulled, and says:
 - Fuck!
 - What did you say?
 - Fuck!
 - Who taught you this?

Offended tone:
 - Daddy, fuck! And somewhere finger pokes.
It turned out - flag.


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