"Why are these two parrots are sold only together?!"


In LPS looked a lady. Her attention was immediately attracted to two parrots: one that was diverse and is constantly chattering, and the second was a gray, nondescript and sat, hunched, in the corner of the cage. The lady saw the sign that they only sold together, and asked the seller:

What pretty birds you have! How much do they cost?

— Variegated is worth a thousand roubles. replied the seller.

Wow! Why such a price? He knows how to talk?

— Of course. This parrot can sing, dance, tell jokes and draw little pictures. And he knows all of Shakespeare's sonnets and plays their role!

Wow! And the gray parrot how much?

Gray worth ten thousand roubles.

— Wow! — surprised the lady, he Probably does the same thing, and variegated, only better?

— No, he can neither sing nor dance, or paint...

— Hmm... Well, at least he knows how to speak?

— Yes, he is able to speak. Only few and rare.

— I can not understand... So variegated is able to do all sorts of things and is worth a thousand rubles, and that little did not know how, but it's worth ten thousand... and the inscription on the cage! Why are these two parrots are sold only together?!

— Well... you see... this little gray parrot — the Director of all the performances motley...

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