Biologists have published a list of the rarest flowers in the world

I hasten to tell you about the most rare colors that can be seen in nature.
        Gibraltar Campion
This species can only be found on the high slopes of the cliffs of Gibraltar. Before 1993, it was thought that it has long been extinct, until it found one climber. At the moment, the seeds of this wonderful plant placed in the seed Bank the Millennium, and this flower is grown in the Royal Botanical garden in London.

        The jade vine
Unfortunately, because of the systematic deforestation of the natural habitat of this rare and wonderful flower, the plant is endangered. The jade vine, known for its blue-green kogevinas flowers.

        Parrot's beak
The flower of this plant is very similar to a parrot's beak, in such a form, the plant is named that way. Much time has passed since then, as the flower was last seen, the only Canary pollinator, the Sunbird has long been extinct.

        Chocolate cosmos
For many years everyone thought that this plant, which smells of vanilla and chocolate, does not exist. Now you can see only the barren appearance of this flower, which was launched in 1913.

This incredible flower prorostaet on specific trees which are only found in the Hawaiian Islands. The tree was discovered in 1851, but from 1960 it was called non-existent. After 20 years, the inhabitants of the island managed to find a single instance of this plant, but unfortunately, during natural disasters 1968, this tree was destroyed by fire.

        Orchid-the Ghost
This is a rare and interesting plant, which many recognized as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. About 20 years the Orchid-the Ghost believed extinct, but not so long ago, it was again found. This wonderful flower is not as all others. The fact that the Orchid has no leaves, power comes not from the process of photosynthesis, and due to the special type of fungi.

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