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Inspired by post My birds

It has long been thought to write about the birds, but I was ahead So read here dogonku.
It will be 43 1 photo + video + text.

It all began a year ago ... When I took my husband to usmert whining about the parrot. It read heaps of literature and bought a cell. And he is my! Chegevara called him (just one word -one not a man). "Chegevara" because in infancy was undermining a plastic pallet, thus protesting against the system, love of freedom and thirst for justice.

Che grew up and out of the small bird simpotishnogo

Now it turned into such "peasant»

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While Che was growing up, we taught him to talk. It nudnovatenko, but funny. We learn 10 words: "Chegevara bird", "Chegevara chatterbox!", "Let's kiss!" And the poem
"Young handsome birds
Nes basket of eggs! »

Che became sexually mature and began to take care of our fingers. At the family council decided to buy a friend. Found on the ad, came to watch. The bird was in a terrible state, all of which the tortured and lived in a cage with two cockatiels. Stopudov it properly fed. Chess poradok picture on my head like crazy, so we vzyalli bird. She was older than Che year.

Greasy head generally horrified = (

We have named it, by the way, Brünnhilde. Googling learned chtou this Che Guevara had 2 wives, and one of them was named Hilda. Well, not quite comfortable seemed to us nazschyvat popugaihu Ilda therefore become Brünnhilde or Bruno. Yes, we have such a sense of humor =)

And then in the Latin American serials. Love broke out between Che and Bruno!

We bought a birdhouse without thinking twice and hung in the hope that the birds realized immediately what to do. Birds realized immediately.

Trot they really where the egg in 2-3 days. Our masonry was of 6 eggs. I sat on Clack only female. Male drove a broom out of the house and not allowed to pass on to the entrance hole. All the time nasidki Brunnhilde rarely left the house, fed her Che.

And now, after the first 3 weeks of parrots! this exciting event!

Yes, they are more like worms than birds.

For comparison, the dimensions placed in the corner of the ruble.

The size and top feathers immediately clear who are older who

2 eggs never hatched, and then we found them proklyuvy. Perhaps Brunnhilde helped to hatch, but the kids did not come out. Pulled the eggs out of the nest.

Brunnhilde we began to hate and bite the hand while trying to get into the house

Here you can see how she feeds her chicks millet purified. Generally first popugaiha thymus gives milk, and then it ends, is in the course of millet


The eldest was terrible and when zhutok plumage and looked like a dragon. Hello to all fans of Skyrim)

Gradually tightened and smaller

Hooray! Birds similar birds rather than worms!)

The first went from cell

Behind him were tightened all the others. They poured them all on top of the cell, where they had their "fitness center", where you can sit, nibble, crush, chew and cocoa

There have been many attempts to escape or fly off the center of the floor, but they were savagely suppressed by us.

All the males in the litter turned out and photocopy dad ... we distinguish between them on the back and volnushki sized white spots on the head

Small but shkodnye. It makes you want to cuddle

The most favorite was the smallest, because he has the worst grow wings and once we almost lost. A sistemnika found on wires and purely accidental

Senior matured, and we started to look for his new owners

Senior before anyone knew the dislike of our hands and started to bite. Hosts found it good. Printed and given to a manual parrot. After 2 weeks I called the new owners and learned how he was doing. Birds adapted and began to tweet.

Gotishny this in a tailcoat.

This is the second. Almost before serving ads for sale, he crashed heavily in the cabinet door, and then he died ... We were shocked. It turned out the same bird gentle creatures as well as people often die of shock, shock or blood clots ((

Bratishki were alone

But we do not grieve and chubby

Small Sandman

They put their lamp, because the apartment was cold outside and began winter.

Generally, popuganov can be propagated continuously. That is, that's just released a new brood, and the female lays have a new egg. That's what happened with us. First, they wanted to leave, and then imagine that poultry house we never end and removed the egg with starling house.

Propagated popuganov as possible, but it is very harmful for the body of the female. Permanent exhaustion and lack of vitamins and nutrients in the bargain.

Brunnhilde funny

and often blow up

"Well Feed !!!!»



Family photos on the memory of the third parrot. Also sold in good hands, too, with instruction.

Petty left until currently. It grew wings, fly it bearable, but ochkuet and unsure of himself. Therefore, while we squeeze home.
Money from the sale went to a huge new luxury cell. The board at the cells above and debris and feathers just stay inside and not fly around the room. Parrots terrible bins! And constantly love to explore and learn new things.
then walk on the floor the whole family

Petit temporarily called Fidel.
Parrots love to sit on all that higher

Bite the same place where sit, so chasing them in the fitness center

We came up with an ingenious way to wean them to sit on the chandelier! You put two newspapers at newspaper podletanii swell scare the birds and they do not sit down.
: + No longer chirps over your head and shit in the middle of the room
-: The paper should be put back each time

All the love and the birds

and Yap)

All I have finished, you can kick for the video, I added wryly because of the curvature of the hands)) It's a bird!) That they interfered)



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