The license for motherhood

Mother says daughter-grader that any more adult child can catch up and hurt him.
 - And you will not be able to answer him. That make me sick. And now I tell you.
Mother pulls daughter braid.
 - Aaa-yyy, that hurts!
Woman trying to rehabilitate.
 - Come here, baby, mom will tell you what to do when you are pulled over the braid or even stick.
Child cautiously interested in:
 - And it will not hurt?
 - What are you! I'm weak!
Mother pinches the girl's inner thighs. But do not expect power from the eyes daughter immediately sprinkle tears. Hunched, clutching one hand plucking thigh, the other for the twitching braid, child, sobbing, hobbling away. Turning on the go, through tears reproachfully asked:
 - Mama! You have a license to motherhood-that is ?!


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