The bathhouse

Two ladies somewhere in the middle-aged decided to take a steam bath, as bath mistress husband on a business trip, the ladies melted bath themselves. Smoke, for some reason, did not want to go to the pipe, and strove to get out of all the cracks inside the bath. Ladies spoken somewhere hear the words
"Coked", referring to the pipe. They decided, and decided: it is necessary to clean the chimney. One of them climbed onto the roof, a second selected chip brick roughly the diameter of the pipe. Brick was dropped in the pipe ...
By law definitively sealed sandwich brick chimney, fasten his rope they thought. All the smoke in the bath, pomyvka failed. The ladies went home.
But the ladies were not satisfied, and the next day met again. After a long and heated debate decided: brick in the chimney should be split, and everything will be in openwork. For breaking bricks was selected heavy scrap, bitter experience and neighbors scrap was tied with a rope and lowered ceremoniously into the tube ...
Oil painting, two loud rzhaschie aunt, with one sticking out on the roof, the other holding the ladder. In short scrap firmly stuck in the pipe. Country who need to clean the chimneys? Let us quickly, efficiently.
By the way, her husband on the phone reported the results of repair work, unless the first day he chuckled, then on the second day whinnying not hesitate, but further work is strictly prohibited. In 20 years of living with such adventurous wife, he thought, I have nothing to surprise him ...


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