The girls have a rest

We sit like that with his girlfriend in a bar. We went after work to talk and drink beer at the same time. And now, the time after midnight, a good talk, drink more than one glass of beer, zasobiralis home. My girlfriend trembling hand making the sign of the waiters that he would be approached. Suitable ofitsant, she told him (slurred): -SCH-ni-ni-o, p-please.
Ofitsant, she nods as a sign that he understood, turns and walks away.
A few minutes later he comes with two mugs of beer and we put them on the table. We crazed eyes stare first at him, then at each other - do not understand anything. A minute later realized he it is unreadable "ni-ni-ni-a," took over "e-ni-ni-e" !!! .. We laughed and then long pondered how much we will need another drink, what would we finally -That understood correctly.


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