The whole truth about women in war. Sentimental strings, from which the tears welling in his eyes ...

On the heroism of our people during the Great Patriotic War, it said a lot of words written many books, removed hundreds of feature films. This is not surprising, because of the exploits, which were our ancestors, protecting the motherland from the enemy should know all generations no matter how much water has flowed since then.

Today the online magazine wants without unnecessary pathos and loud empty words to reveal to you the truth about women in war. Unfortunately for them are not usually taken to remember when it comes to the glorious heroes and defenders of the Fatherland in those terrible years. And it was they, the brave women Frontovichka, underground fighter, partisan, often risking their lives no less than men, staunchly defending their homeland. Read these touching memories of brave heroines who are taken from the book by Svetlana Aleksievich "War is not a woman's face." With confidence I can say that this is the bitter truth naked, which is not written in the newspapers. When you read these words, tears were welling in his eyes ... Each of the women has a story, but I'm sure none of them will not leave you indifferent. This is a real brave confession of the fair sex, the survivors of the terrible, inhumane war.

«We drove a lot of the day ... They went out with the girls at a station with a bucket to collect the water. We looked around and gasped: one by one went compositions, and there is one woman. Sing. Waving to us - who kerchiefs who caps. It became clear: men are not enough, they perished in the land. Or in captivity. Now we instead ... Mom wrote me a prayer. I put it in a locket. Maybe it helped - I came home. I kissed the locket before the fight ... » i>

«And girls rushed to the front voluntarily and a coward he will not go to war. It was a bold, unusual girl. There are statistics: loss among medical front edge is second only to losses in the infantry battalions. In the infantry. What, for example, to pull the wounded from the battlefield? I'll tell you right now ... We went on the attack, and we come from a machine gun to mow. And the battalion died. All they lay. They were not all killed, many wounded. The Germans beat, the fire did not stop. Just all of a sudden out of the trench one girl jumps out at first, then second, third ... They began to dress and to drag the wounded, even the Germans for a while numb amazement. By ten o'clock in the evening all the girls were seriously injured, and each saved a maximum of two or three people. Reward them sparingly, in the beginning of the war awards are not scattered. Pull the wounded had to be with his personal weapon. The first question to the field hospital where weapons? At the beginning of the war it was not enough. Rifle, machine gun - it also had to drag. In the forty-first order was issued number two hundred eighty-one the submission for the award for saving the life of a soldier: fifteen seriously injured, made from the battlefield, along with a personal weapon - the medal "For Service in Battle" for the salvation of twenty-five - the Order of the Red Star, for the salvation of forty - Order of the Red Banner, to save the eighty - the Order of Lenin. I have described what it meant in the battle to save at least one ... From under the bullets ... » i>

«I remember, let me go on leave. Before going to my aunt, I went to the store. Before the war terribly fond of sweets. I said: "Give me candy." The saleswoman looks at me like I was crazy. I did not know what - card, that is - the blockade? All the people in the queue turned to me, and I have a rifle more than I do. When we have given them, I looked up and thought: "When I grow up to this rifle?" And all of a sudden began to ask the whole place, "Give her the candy. Cut our coupons. " And they gave me ». I>

«I had a night shift. I went to the House of seriously wounded. Captain lies ... The doctors warned me before duty that night he died, does not make it till morning ... I asked him, "Well, how? The help you? "I will never forget ... He suddenly smiled, such a bright smile on his face haggard," Unbutton bathrobe ... Show me your breasts. I have not seen my wife ... "I was ashamed, I have something there he replied. She left and came back an hour later. He lay dead. And the smile on his face ». I>

«gray returned from the war. Twenty-one years, and I'm all fair-haired. I have been badly wounded, concussion, I could not hear in one ear. My mother met me with the words: "I believe that you would come. I'm praying for you day and night. " My brother was killed at the front. She cried: "Equally Now - give birth girls or boys" ». I>

«bandages tanker ... Fight is crashing. He asks: "Girl, what's your name?" Even some compliment. I was so weird to say this din, the terror his name - Olga ». I>

«There you got the tank. We were both older driver, and the tank should be only one driver. Command decided to appoint me as a tank commander "-122", and her husband - a senior driver. And so we came to Germany. Both were wounded. We have awards. There were many girls tankistok on medium tanks, but at a heavy - I alone ». I>

«While he hears ... Until the last moment to tell him that no, is it possible to die. Kiss him, hug, what are you saying? He's already dead, his eyes to the ceiling, and I told him something else ... a calming whisper ... The names here are erased, gone from memory, and those were ... "


«I'm afraid the war that crippled legs. I have beautiful legs. Men - what? He's not so bad, even if we lose a leg. Anyway - the hero. Groom! A cripple a woman, it's her fate will be decided. Women's fate ... » i>

«We wanted to ... We did not want to say about us:" Oh, these women! "and tried more than men, we still had to prove that it is not worse than men. And to us for a long time was an arrogant, condescending attitude "Navoyuyut these women ..." » i>

«I to Berlin with the army came ... returned to his village with two Orders of Glory and medals. I lived three days, the fourth mother lifts me out of bed and said, "Daughter, I'll gathered a bundle. Go ... Go ... You have two younger sisters growing up. Who will marry them? Everyone knows that you're four years has been at the front, with men ... "Do not touch my soul. Write as others about my awards ... » i>

«We are very young went to the front. Girls. I even grew during the war. Mom has measured the house ... I grew ten centimeters ... » i>

I confess that I could not hold back my tears when I read those memories. I bow my head before those brave women who were under fire and defend our land from enemy attack during those terrible years of war. The bright memory of all those who gave their lives for their country, and do not see the long-awaited victory. We simply have no right to forget!

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